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Exposed: Using Untreated Walls For Maximum Interest

Rough, bare stone and brick are becoming super popular in home decor at the moment, and as they can create such a dramatic and impactful look, it isn’t hard to see why. However achieving this effect in your own home isn’t as easy as just stripping on the wallpaper and hoping for the best. So, to get some help read on for a brief guide on getting untreated walls spot on.

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Which wall/area?


Exposed brick is such a great material to work with because it looks terrific and has great sound insulation. Something that makes it a practical and attractive choice for nearly any room in the home.  


However, picking the right areas to display exposed brickwork is vital to the success of your overall space. Some folks choose entire walls to reveal, either behind the soft furnishing like the bed or sofa or as a point of interest to look at when they are actually using in the room.


Others go for an in-between look, where half of the walls are exposed. This creates a bolder vibe but is still not overwhelming. Especially if you team it with a white or neutral color for balance.

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Baring all


The next step is to reveal the bare brick in the areas that you have chosen. However, before you start in at the plasterboard with the sledgehammer, you need to consider what might be under there first. Older homes are likely to have aged brick or stonework that can look attractive when revealed, although newer homes may not have this to offer.


Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off this look in a newer home, it just means you have to think a little more creatively. Luckily, for this purpose, there are antique bricks tiles that you can lay on top of a wall for a similar effect. They are also clever professionals that know all about this sort of job that you can hire from sites like Snupit to help. So you can have you exposed wall with the minimum of fuss and stress to your household. Even if you are not so great at DIY.


Dressing the walls


Now, although the wall themselves are untreated, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still dress them with pictures, ornaments, and art. In fact, a bare stone or brick background can be the perfect texture to show off some of your objet d’art to their best potential.


For contrast go for a modern abstract print, framed in a slim chrome frame, while to emphasize the rawness of the wall using a simple string of lights or an industrial letter, like the ones you see at the carnival. To get that truly homely vibe family pictures arranged in a gallery style can work very well, especially if they all follow the same color scheme. While to soften the look use texture or paper sculptures in pastels colors to break up the pattern of the brickwork to make your exposed wall work in any part of the home.

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