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We’re reaching the point of the year when families are beginning to think of coming together to celebrate. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a perfect time for families to reunite and spend some quality time together. Shortly after Thanksgiving, the Christmas season will begin in earnest, with families grouping together to exchange gifts during the most wonderful time of the year.


The majority of the time, these family gatherings will be a source of pleasure, enjoyment, and a time of a feeling of belonging. However, most families tend to have at least one relative who can be… difficult. A black sheep who doesn’t quite fit in, or who seems to cause issues and friction where there should be nothing but celebration and love. How can you cope with this person, so that you can preserve the goodwill of the season for everyone else?


#1 – Separate Them Off


There are various methods you can use to separate a family member off from the crowd. The best way is to keep them busy, assigning cooking chores or running out to grab that last-minute ingredient. Another method is to attempt them to engage in one-on-one conversation, so you can keep an eye on them and keep their attention focused on just one area.


If your separation methods aren’t effective, to begin with, then it’s worth browsing upon conflict resolution techniques via — better to be prepared than have to think of solutions in the midst of an argument.


#2 – Try To Help Them


There may be a reason that this person isn’t happy during family gatherings. They may feel left out, have unresolved issues with another family member, or even be going through a tough time in their personal life that has resulted in them turning to self-medication.


If there is a conflict to be resolved, try and do so, bringing both parties together to smooth the way for more positive relationships in future. If they feel left out, double down on efforts to include them in the group; giving them tasks as per the first point is a nice way of doing this. If their behavior is caused by addiction issues, then it’s always worth a quiet word in their ear, promising to stand by them if they decide to seek help with the likes of While it’s unlikely this course of action can help with the upcoming season, this person is going to be in your life forever, so anything you can do that might make next year easier is definitely worth exploring.


#3 – Set Rules & Limitations On Their Conduct


If the above techniques haven’t worked, then sometimes, you just need to lay down the law and see how things pan out. Give them a set of rules to abide by; if they don’t, or speak out of turn, or are aggressive, then reserve the right to request them to leave. You have to think of the group as a whole and their enjoyment, so while asking one person to leave should be a last resort, it’s not one you should rule out.


Coping with that one relative who doesn’t quite seem to want to join in the fun and merriment is never easy. If you employ the tactics as mentioned above, you should be able to get through to the New Year without anything too drastic occurring. Good luck.


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