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A fire is absolutely devastating and one of the worst disasters you can experience. Whether it strikes your home or place of business, fires can leave an immeasurable amount of destruction in their wake. In addition to flames that can destroy the structure of your property, there is also the matter of issues like debris, smoke, odor and soot to deal with after a fire. Knowing what to do immediately after such a disaster can be daunting, but you must get fire damage repair services sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, a fire can strike anyone at any time. Many people are unprepared for such a horrific event. However, fires can be caused by a number of things. It’s important to be aware of the top 10 causes of fire so that you can take measures to keep your home or place of business as safe as possible. These are the 10 most common causes of fires:

Cooking Fires: When a kitchen is not properly tended to, there is more of a risk of grease splattering. In addition, when items that are combustible are placed too close to the stove or other sources of heat, it can easily lead to a fire.
Home Heating Fires: It is essential to have your home’s furnace regularly inspected and cleaned if necessary. Always avoid placing portable heaters too close to anything combustible and put them in appropriate spaces in the house.
Smoking: Smoking is one of the chief causes of fires in the home. If you smoke indoors or near your home, always ensure that you fully extinguish the butt of your cigarette or cigar. You may also want to use an ashtray and throw away the old butts.
Electrical Fires: Electrical fires can often be the most devastating. Be aware of any older extension cords that might be frayed with age. Also, avoid overloading electrical outlets and rely on power surges for major electronic devices like TV sets, DVRs, game consoles, computers and printers.
Candles: If you use candles in your home, never leave them unattended. Be aware of them at all times and be especially careful if you have small children or pets on the premises.
Children: Always keep your children away from matches and lighters. If your child is very young but old enough to reach the stove, teach him or her to stay away from it. You should also teach your kids about the dangers of playing with matches or the stove and instill in them the knowledge of the dangers of fires.
Faulty Wiring: If your home or office is an older building, the wiring may be old and in need of updating. If you own a house, replace any older wiring that may be inadequate because it can be a fire hazard.
Flammable Items: Avoid placing anything flammable, such as paint, paint thinner, turpentine, cleaning agents or adhesives, too close to any sources of heat.
Holiday Décor: Be wary of keeping your Christmas tree too close to your fireplace because it can lead to a fire. Also, ensure that you hang other holiday décor, such as a wreath, in an appropriate place and in a safe manner.
Grills: If you do grilling, only do so at a safe distance from your house. You should also avoid grilling on your porch or under awning because it can potentially cause a fire.

Although fires are inevitable, it’s wise to always be prepared and to have professionals come to perform services to repair the structural damage and other effects. A team of professionals will tackle the issue of soot, smoke, debris and other after-effects of a fire and restore your property to what it was before the disaster.

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