Five Proven Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglars

Home is where the heart is- it’s where our most cherished family members live, our pets, and all of the possessions that we’ve worked so hard to achieve. So the thought of an intruder coming in is always going to be a worrying one. Here are five proven ways to keep your home safe and secure.

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A burglar alarm

A professionally installed burglar alarm is a must for any home. It gives you pretty much full peace of mind because even if an intruder manages to get inside, they just won’t stick around with an alarm going off. With them being so loud they draw a lot of attention, and the majority of criminals are opportunistic. They break into the house on the street that’s the easiest, and a burglar alarm makes yours much more difficult. Even having a sign outside stating that your house is alarmed can act as a deterrent within itself in many cases. If you live in a particularly high-risk area, it can be worth signing up for a burglar alarm plan. Here you will pay a monthly fee, but if your alarm is triggered when the company will dispatch a police car. It’s also worth getting friendly with your neighbors, let them know that if the alarm goes off (and they can’t see you around) call the police. Getting friendly with your neighbors in general and agreeing to keep an eye out for each other’s homes is never a bad thing too.



CCTV works as a deterrent, and also allows you to identify criminals if any crimes do end up being committed and the case goes to court. As well as covering your home, CCTV can also capture video of your driveway, garage, and outside meaning your vehicles are covered too. If you’ve been considering investing in a CCTV system, get some more info online about the best one to choose. The camera needs to be high quality, as well as have a good night function for capturing footage in the dark. The police and courts won’t entertain footage that’s grainy or blurry, so it doesn’t make sense to choose the cheapest system out there. Research shows that CCTV cameras have some of the biggest deterrent effects when it comes to pre-planned crime, those looking to specifically target your house are likely to be put off. CCTV cameras should be placed high up, in locations that can’t be covered or cut. Make sure the footage backs up to the cloud too, this prevents a burglar from breaking in and simply stealing the hard drive.


Sturdy windows, doors, and locks

Older models of doors and windows are weaker, they’re easier to be kicked or forced in so aren’t great from a security perspective. Not only will newer models be more energy efficient but they’ll also be better for keeping your home safe. Things like window panels indoors are now completely reinforced- new styles of locks and frames make it almost impossible for a regular criminal to kick in. But what’s even more important to remember, is that it doesn’t matter how good your windows and doors are- they provide no security when they’re left open! Create a system that you follow every time you leave the house, which involves checking the windows and locking the doors. Do this every time you go out, even if it’s only for a few minutes. The average burglar is in a home for less than ten minutes, it doesn’t take long for them to cause absolute havoc and leave with all of your worldly possessions. So don’t take the risk, it takes seconds to check the house and lock the doors.


Smart home

The smart home has snowballed in the last few years and is something we can expect to see getting bigger and better. At the moment it’s a lot of fun and feels very novel and futuristic, however, it’s something that can be incredibly practical too. From a home security perspective, there are lots of ways we can utilize this technology to keep our properties safe. One thing a burglar will do before breaking into a home is to scope out the outside, they’re looking to see if it’s occupied or empty. Because an occupied property presents so much risk of being caught, most burglars won’t even attempt it. Therefore, you can avoid getting broken into in most cases, just by either being home or making it look like you are. Smart home products sync up to your phone, meaning you can control them from anywhere in the world. You can turn on your tv, close your blinds, turn lights on and off, and other appliances without even needing to be in or near the house. In years gone by, people would leave a lamp on if they were going out overnight. The problem with this is if your house is getting scoped out, come 3/4 am and that lamp is still on, it’s a clue that someone might not be home after all. When you are at home, you can control these appliances with your voice, using a voice-activated speaker such as Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Google Home devices. So you have the benefit of operating them hands-free.


A safe for valuables

With all of the following methods executed, your home is unlikely to become a target of burglary. However, a final step you can take is to lock away your valuables. Important documents, family heirlooms, and priceless cherished items can all be put away. Find somewhere hidden to keep them safe, and then bolt it down to the ground. This stops a criminal from simply being able to walk off with it. Installed-in walls, under floors, and cupboards are all good locations. Choose a good quality model which is sturdy and has excellent reviews.


With Christmas around the corner and lots of valuables in the home, now is an extremely important time to be thinking about home security. Is it something you’ve considered?

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