Fronteer-ing Your Way Through Your Gap Year

2018 is very much looming, and with it will bring a whole new set of challenges. And, if you’re using 2018 as your gap year from whatever it is you do in your life, then you’re now going to be looking for challenges to fill the year up with. If this is the case, then let this challenge be fronting. What this involves is heading out to the last unspoiled frontiers that our world has to offer, making do with what is there, and fronting your way through all the challenges that you face. Sound appealing? Well, make sure to read on to find out just how to set such a challenge up for yourself as well as how to survive when the challenge begins!

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How to set up such a challenge

Setting up a fronting challenge, specifically, a fronting gap year has never been easier. To do so you would just have to head to the specifically dedicated site known as, yep, you guessed it, Here, you will find all the information and contact details needed to set up the adventure of your lifetime. Specifically, you will find information about the meals you will be provided with on your adventure, your accommodation, your airport transfers, your safety guides, and your country coordination. Most importantly, however, you’d find information on just what frontiers are on offer for you to travel to and live in. This could be anything from an adventure in a snowy Canadian home-stay to time spent on a deserted island!

Physically preparing for your challenge

You’re not going to be staying in 5-star hotels you’re not going to be sleeping indoors at all times. You’re not going to have to eat at all times. You’re going to have to be living off of rations at some points. And this all means one thing: you’re going to have to prepare! More to the point, you’re going to have to prepare to survive!

To do this, make sure everything you do and prepare is done to accommodate life in your chosen destination; by not doing so, you will waste your efforts, your time, and possibly even your money. First of all, the means getting all the necessary vaccinations needed for you to be able to enter and then live healthily in your frontier destination and not the vaccinations that will make no difference in protecting you from that particular part of the world. Second of all, this means being very particular with what it is you pack for your trip. Simply, anything that you bring along that is not needed to help you survive (unless, of course, it is something small that is brought along to remind you of home) will just weigh you down and waste space in your baggage. So, if you know you’re going to a place that may require you to keep yourself warm outdoors, consider bringing a fire starter kit with you instead of a bikini or pair of shorts. Or, if you’re going to a place that is surrounded by sea, consider getting yourself a desalinating water bottle that will allow you to drink the seawater instead of bringing a flask for hot drinks. Stay warm and so prepared!


Mentally preparing yourself for your challenge

When it comes to preparing for fronting you’re going to have to do more than just get yourself properly vaccinated and pack your bag with everything you need to survive in your frontier destination. No, you’re also going to have to prepare yourself, specifically prepare yourself mentally.

First of all, this means ensuring that you know in your mind and your heart what your absolute limits are. Simply, if you know you will struggle with a specific type of fronting, such as camping alone, then don’t offer or bother to do it. By doing so you will not only put yourself through personal trauma but you might just put yourself in danger, too, because your fears will distract you from the task at hand that is surviving. Also, when you scare yourself to the absolute brink you may make yourself feel just enough homesickness to make you bag your bags and head straight back home. And you don’t want that, do you! So, when mentally preparing yourself for the challenge ahead, make sure you take your limits — both mental and physical — into consideration.

What you should also do when mentally preparing yourself for fronting is accept the fact that you won’t have any of your creature comforts around (and may just have actual creatures running around). Seriously, especially if you’ve never been on such an adventure before, you are going to be in for such a culture shock. And, the best way to overcome this shock, especially the initial one you feel that will probably make you wish to go home, is to accept it. You have to accept it is real, accept things are different, stop wishing things were a bit better, and just simply get on with the task at hand. Only when you go into the adventure mentally prepared in this way will you be able to give it your all and stick it out.

Fronteering is the perfect way to spend any gap year you have in life — whether this is a gap after years of studying or a gap during your working years. Truly, it is the perfect way to spend your time because it will teach you so much about your capabilities and what you do and do not need in your life. You will return to your life knowing exactly who you are, what you need, and where you need and want to go next in life. And you will be able to see life with less seriousness and be able to take it as it comes — and that’s always a good thing!

So, get yourself Fronteering, and do it whilst there are still some untouched and unspoiled frontiers left on the planet we call home!

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