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Sometimes, coming home can be a hard thing to do. We like to be out and about, as human beings are social creatures, but there’s a lot of deviance from that in certain people. Don’t be shy about being one of these people who need more time to yourself than others, or crave the attention of those around us.

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We can feel like we don’t get enough ‘me time, or we get too much and it makes us feel lonely inside. But, there are little steps we can take to make a home feel more like home and to make it a place we want to be, even if other forces are working against us. Here are a few ideas if you have no idea where to start in making your home more comfortable for you.


Craft Your Own Space


If you live with people, it can get crowded, even when there’s only one other person. As a result, your senses get overstimulated, and that doesn’t help anyone, especially not you. Craft your own space that you can tell the others you live with


Try to carve out your corner. If you live alone or have your bedroom, this is perfect already. If not, something like a conservatory or office can do wonders here. If you don’t have room to make these kinds of home improvements, there’s not much effort that you need to put into making your area: a desk over in the corner, changing the cupboard under the stairs into your mini sitting room (be warned, it can get warm!), or even a shed for the backyard.


Clean Up Physically


It’s been found that cleaning up our surroundings can make us more productive when we need to be, so if you struggle with work, or even just enjoying what it is you do, try whipping around with a good clean-up.


Changing the bin can be a simple life hack to decluttering a space you want to inhabit. Open up a bin bag and put things in it, get rid of the cups and plates around your workspace, and wash them up as soon as you can.


Try to Curve Off Bad Habits


A home is where the heart is meant to be, and therefore keeping it clean and tidy and unpolluted is key to managing a mental state; thus you need to sometimes conduct a mental clean-up, to the best of your ability. For example, if you like to light a cigarette now and then, or if you’re on a heavy diet of them, try switching to something like e juice to make sure you come home to something healthy and


Of course, you don’t have to go cold turkey, but trying to cut down on something can make you a more pleasant person to feel. A lot of the time all you can do is try, and therefore no one can blame you for that being all you can manage.

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