Getting Ready For a Big Move

Relocating from one home to another, even if the new home is in the same neighborhood, is a major life change. Packing up a home in which you’ve laid your head and spent quality time with family and friends is never easy and it can involve a lot of emotional upheaval. It’s funny to note that the biggest aspect of relocating doesn’t involve the geographic distance. Instead, what really has an impact during a move is the transition of taking yourself (and all the belongings you’ve accumulated over the years in that place) out of the place you’ve been calling home for quite a while. That’s why people who are considering making a move must plan all the details very carefully, to avoid any possible pitfalls along the way.

Those Who Move and Those Who Don’t

There’s an interesting psychology behind moving and it’s one that should be explored in this discussion of preparing for a house move. We all know people who tend to stay in their home for the long term. Families who own their now home (especially if they are raising children) tend to stay in their own place for the long term. This makes sense, as couples with children tend to want to “put down roots” and have a feeling of stability in the place where they live. People with children generally want to have on-going connections with their local community, especially as concerns their children’s activities in their schools. This feeling of wanting to “put down roots” in a community also applies to couples without children and to single people, too, though this feeling is generally more pressing for people who have children to raise.

Some people who are in a life transition, as in building a career, may relocate numerous times in a few years in order to take advantage of certain opportunities that come up. For others, moving frequently may be part of how they were raised, and may be their own unique style of “normal.” No matter what a person’s situation, however, getting ready for a move is always a big project, so let’s go over what is generally involved in making a move as successful as possible.

Making a List

When a new place has been secured, whether it’s a home with a mortgage or a rental, plans must be made in order for the whole move to go smoothly. Finding out the most reliable
Houston movers should be at the top of the “to do” checklist for people in the Houston area. From there, plans must be made to transfer over services like phone and utilities, but luckily today most of the can be done online. If the move involves having children change their schools, that must be planned well in advance. After all this has been accomplished, the hard work of dealing with your possessions must be planned for.

Packing Up

One of the more emotional components of making a move involves packing up all of our personal belongings. Wrapping and packing up our personal belongings takes time and energy, and the feelings that handling our possessions brings up can be complicated. Every item we own comes with a memory, some good and some not so good. During the process, many people decide it’s time to rid themselves of some of their belongings, and this can bring up feelings of loss but also a sense of relief. All of this means that it’s important to give yourself some tender loving care during the packing process, and to take some time to really rest and relax fully after it is all over.

Making a move can be a very positive action once the move is completed, but the truth is that the process can be arduous. So, the best plan is to plan carefully, and be kind to yourself.

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