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Giving Your Kitchen A Modern Edge: What Are The Key Elements?

Stylish modern kitchens really are desirable at the moment. They are sleek, functional, attractive, and best of all they can be achieved relatively quickly. All you need to do is get hold of some of the essentials mentioned below to give your kitchen area a stylish update. Read on for more information.

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Soft Touch Drawers


Firstly to give your kitchen space, a real 21st-century vibe consider changing the draws to soft close ones. These are lovely because you just need to give them a little nudge and they will slowly and softly close on their own. Saving you from the noise and disturbance of slamming sounds, and truly giving you that ultra modern feel.


Combine these with cabinets and drawers that have a glass finish too, for a kitchen Buck Rogers would be proud of.  


Wine Fridge


If you hate your current kitchen space you may want to give it a modern feel with a wine cooler or fridge. One that is built into the design of the kitchen. These are the latest in kitchen gadget trends, and the provide you with perfectly chilled wine for cooking and drinking whenever you want it.


If you can’t afford to get one built in or there is not enough space you can even get free standing ones. Although you do need to be careful in picking the location for this. As you want the room to scream modern and not cluttered.


However, if you are looking for something that is even more impactful, why not consider installing a wine pod in your kitchen or the surrounding area? These are areas for the storage of wine that are structurally built into your kitchen giving you an architectural feature as well as something that has a practical purpose. Choose one with a space age design like this, to really emphasize that modern feel.

Bar sink

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Another addition that a modern kitchen should include is an attractive bar sink, in addition to the main wash up area. Bar sinks are smaller and designed specifically to ensure that there is always space for drink and even food prep, even if the rest of the kitchen is a hive of activity. That makes them not only decorative but hugely practical, especially if you have a big family or love to entertain.


Of course, as they are one of newest trends in kitchen accessories, having one will also demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse, as well as excellent style.


Decorative cooker hoods


Traditionally we think of cooker hood as very practical things. They are big and bulky, silver, and designed to extract all the cooking smells and grease from the kitchen when you are working or eating in there.


However, some bright spark has come up with the idea that they don’t just have to be practical behemoths. In fact, they can be a central decorative feature in your kitchen environment, and that is why they have designed hoods in sculptural forms, with the addition of glass and crystal. In fact, these cooker hoods look more like focal point light fittings that any thing else. Making them the perfect addition to your stylish modern kitchen.


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