Go Retro With Your New Living Room Makeover

If you’re a lover of interior design and enjoy nothing more than expressing your personality through colour, texture and furniture, then you will be clued up on the latest trends regarding home makeovers. All things retro and vintage are making a huge comeback. People relish harking back to an era that is pre-Facebook, iPods and wifi. People are enjoying the sleek lines, the geometric patterns and muted colours of the mid-century. If you are considering giving your living room a fresh lick of paint, take a look at these ways in which you can embrace the retro revolution.


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There’s no better way to add a touch of the 1970s to your room than to create a feature wall in your living space containing the curvy swirls of the 1970s with their mustard yellow and avocado green hues. When you add a subtle splash of retro within your living space, you won’t be employing a vintage overkill. Blending mid-century design with more modern and sleek features can be the perfect marriage.




There are some incredible retro light fittings from downlighters to paper lanterns. You could select original vintage lights, or you could go down the more affordable reproduction route. If you fancy a little bit of 1960s flair within your living room, consider putting up a couple of ceiling fans. If you have a particularly large space, it’s a good idea to purchase ceiling fans with large blade spans, so they don’t feel lost in the room. What you should know while considering these pieces of retro design is that they can accommodate energy efficient lighting and will help keep your room cool during the balmy summer months.




The most on-trend furniture at the moment are wooden Scandinavian pieces with pin legs or ebonised features. Brands such as G-Plan and Ercol made quality furniture in the 1950s and 1960s that are still around today. You could hunt for a Danish tiled coffee table or Swedish rocking chair in thrift shops or at your local auction house.




The finest in retro chic flooring has to be the ubiquitous 1960s parquet with its herringbone fit and polished finish. Laid well, reclaimed parquet can elevate a room from normal to extraordinary. If you can secure the services of an artisan tradesperson to lay an expanse of mid-century flooring, you’ll be ensuring the highest quality finish possible.


If parquet isn’t your thing, why not look into a classic mid-century sheepskin rug to add a little extra retro detail or a geometric patterned Scandinavian footrest to show off a little more of your on-trend styling?


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If you’re already following the latest vintage trends in fashion, it’s about time that you allowed a little of this retro-chic into your interior design. With touches of sleek lines, vintage tones and retro textures, you will have the perfect mix of old and new in your newly refreshed living space.

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  1. Nice advice. I like the large ceiling fan idea. I added on in my family room and it gets lots of attention from guest.

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