Got A Gutter Gripe? These Tips Will Help!

One of the worst housework jobs tends to be the ones that have you breaking your back outdoors in the garden or the driveway. Adding in jobs like drain cleaning and gutter clearing, and you’ve got to really motivate yourself to shimmy up a ladder and get them sorted. Thankfully, jobs that involve you climbing ladders and combatting spiders tend to be jobs that only need doing twice a year. When those autumnal winds blow in and the trees start to shed their leaves, your gutters are left open for elements. Rain, wind, and snow see clogs starting to happen and the cooler weather also brings animals in the warmth to nest.

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It may be a necessary task, but it’s not one you’re going to be happy about doing and not to mention, clearing the gutters tends to come with a little risk. Choosing to ignore a gutter gripe isn’t the way to go, either, as if the rainwater doesn’t make it down the pipes, you’ll have a repair bill on the doormat! So, how can you get your gutters glowing in the safest way possible?

  • Team Up. If you live in a good neighborhood, then teaming up with the locals to get the gutters of the street done together is a great idea. You’ll not only have a spotter for ladder safety, you’ll do the work in half the time. You can read here about ladder safety and the types of a ladder you should be using to do your guttering.
  • Call The Professionals. For most people, finding the time to get the gutters done is impossible with work and family commitments. If you call in a local roofer, they can get the gutters cleared for you professionally and do it efficiently while being safe. It’s the most obvious solution for gutter maintenance, especially if there’s a bad blockage!
  • Protect Yourself. If you do decide to go it alone with your guttering issues, then you should protect yourself. Wearing protective headgear and hand gear can make sure you aren’t going to do yourself an injury or expose yourself to bacteria. While you’re at it, protect your eyes from dirt and mold spores and wear safety goggles!
  • Beware Of Surroundings. Being up high, gutters and roofs tend to be at the same height as electric cabling. The last thing you need is to touch anything like that. If any cables have become damaged in the weather or on your roof, do not touch them and call for help.
  • Clear Debris. Your roof will always gather debris, whether it’s from a crafty squirrel setting up a nest or leaves from the nearby trees. Clear that away first before you start the job so that you aren’t going to have to go up the ladder within the month!

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Clearing gutters is not a fun job, but it is one that is important for home and pipe maintenance. Add it to your list twice a year and once it’s done, it’s done!

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