Green Living For The Autumn Season

Green living is a good standard to go by in the modern world, yet the change in seasons from summer to winter is a big reason why it can be tricky. With solar panels at full blast when the sun has barely any cloud cover in the middle of the year, houses are both warm and energized. This doesn’t last forever though. This means being eco-friendly throughout the rest of the year can be difficult, so when it comes to the colder seasons you can sometimes be ready to give up completely! However, there are a few stipulations to living green in the fall that you can follow that makes it easier. Below are some ideas for where to start.

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Sprinkle Some House Plants Throughout Your Rooms


When we can’t spend the time we like outside amongst nature, we can bring hints of it inside. Having a few houseplants in a well-used space will clean up the air and make it a lot fresher to breathe in.


Keep orchids in the bedroom for easier sleeping routines, as a lot of plants change their photosynthesis behavior when the sun goes down. Carbon dioxide is in fact breathed out instead of absorbed, so make sure you know what plants should go where.


Use Farmers Markets When You Can


If you grow your own produce in your garden, harvest as much as you can in the summer to store it for autumn and beyond. However, support local farmers in your area when you can’t grow your own food and head down to a nearby farmer’s market for fresh produce you know is grown the way you like.


You can even scan your own goods for sustainable living in the winter, and it makes any snow storm warnings a lot easier to ride out. For a decorative touch, you can hollow out a pumpkin (a fall favorite!) or incorporate some dried fruit into a bowl that smells nice with some candles.


When it Comes to Getting Rid of Home Invaders…


Having mini home invaders is a practically undisputed part of the autumn season. You can set up bug traps, or even sprinkle around a couple of venus fly traps as a sustainable solution! Don’t worry about using home pest control services either, as many use chemicals that are environmentally friendly and are kept safely contained in tubes away from larger animals and small children. Think of the way frogs clean up the environment for us and act in the same manner!


If you have any pets, make sure they’re washed regularly as well. Bugs are more likely to hitch a ride into the house on the back of some matted hair. This also helps to clean up the general hygiene of your home as dust mites and molted fur are less likely to be sprinkled over the carpets.


In the autumn, don’t get taken in by the reds and oranges of all the leaves outside. Your home can still be green on the inside!

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