Thu. Jan 26th, 2023

This is a sponsored post but these are my honest opinions.

I have recently received a hand-painted oil portrait photo from Paint Your Life of my beautiful grandson. This company has gone above and beyond with making sure my painting is exactly how I wanted it.

Starting off ordering it I had gotten two pictures mixed up and sent them the wrong photo. I contacted them as soon as I had learned my mistake and they were very nice about it. They fixed my mistake with no problems. They were very sweet and made sure this was the exact photo I wanted. Throughout the making of this painting paint, your life sends me photos of the work being complete, confirming if I liked it or if there was anything I wanted them to change the painting. The painting was beautiful to start with so I had no problems with confirming. It took to paint your life just a very short amount of time to complete it, which was such an exciting time!! Once the painting was complete I got an email letting me confirm if I approved of the painting, after my confirmation it was sent.

The oil paint that is used to create their paintings was a high-quality paint that looks great on the canvas background. I am impressed by the customer service along with the great artwork I receive. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a picture they want to turn into a painting.

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