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When it comes to your health, you cannot afford to take any risks. Whilst most symptoms do not indicate anything serious, it is better to be safe rather than sorry, right? Unfortunately, a lot of health conditions can be associated with one thing: stress! If you know how to look out for the warning signs of stress, you can go a long way to ensuring you do not suffer from anything worse. With that in mind, continue reading for more information on the different health warning signs and symptoms associated with stress.

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Stress is the feeling a person experiences when faced with situations that are either threatening or unfavorable. You may be shocked, but a small degree of stress is actually considered to be good and healthy. However, stress levels should not be allowed to rise past a certain level. Too much stress is to blame for most, if not all, chronic health conditions known to man. You can head to for some more information about some of the most chronic health conditions and how to treat them. Conditions linked to stress include migraine headaches, heart diseases, strokes, and high blood pressure.


How do you react to stress?


People respond to stress in different fashions. However, there are certain stress symptoms that are evident in almost everyone suffering from stress. People suffering from stress are highly irritable. During stress, the body sends out what is commonly known as a stress response. This response is the body’s way of protecting the person against stress.


The main stress symptoms include muscle tension, erratic sleeping patterns, serious headaches, poor sleeping patterns, and high irritability levels. Erratic sleeping patterns result when the brain is troubled. Unmanaged insomnia can have big side effects as you struggle to function properly during the day because of a lack of sleep. Irritability is manifested when a person loses their temper easily and goes about picking a fight with almost everybody around him or her. This is because the person’s stress has taken over. Their anger and frustration stem from this, yet they express it by blowing up over something seemingly meaningless.


Muscle tension is yet another symptom experienced by people suffering from stress. These people often complain of back or neck pain. Head to for more information on neck pain. Experts argue that this pain might be arising due to restricted blood flow to the affected parts. This can be remedied by the person taking deep breaths and doing exercises to stretch the muscles. Stress is also known to cause a build-up of stress hormones in the brain, which can lead to migraine headaches. Regular migraine headaches may be indications that a person is suffering from stress. Over-the-counter pain medication can be taken to remedy this situation.


So there you have it: an impact on the effect that stress has on our bodies, as well as the different symptoms you should look out for. It is important to look out for these warning signs and symptoms because they can often manifest into something a lot worse.

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