Health Warning Signs To Look Out For Later On In Life

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As we all get older, health problems can become more common. Many of these health problems can be reduced or cured by taking steps against them early. In order to take these steps, you need to catch the warning signs early. Here are just a few warning signs to be wary of.


Keep forgetting things?


Many of us get more forgetful as we get older, and this is usually nothing serious. However, if you find yourself continuously forgetting things, it could be an early sign of dementia. You should see your doctor the moment you notice this and get tests done to get an official diagnosis. Whilst there is no current cure for dementia, there are many medically approved ways to slow it down and stop it in its tracks.


Keep losing your balance?


A lot of people have more frequent falls as they get older. This could be due to naturally weaker muscles and joints, however, it could be a sign of other conditions too such as labyrinthitis or low blood pressure if accompanied by dizziness. It’s worth seeing a doctor get this diagnosed. Preventing falls could be particularly important if you have osteoporosis.


Straining to see things properly?


Loss of vision is also common as people get older. This could include struggling to read or struggling to see things far away, both of which can be easily corrected with prescription glasses. More serious visual symptoms to look out for include clouded vision or sensitivity to light which could be a sign of cataracts – this can be cured if caught early. Sudden blurry vision could also be a symptom of diabetes.


Have trouble hearing?


Hearing loss is also common with age – especially if you’ve had jobs in the past that were based in noisy environments. Hearing aids can usually help to restore hearing to full working order. You should see a doctor immediately if hearing loss is accompanied by pain in your ear or you’re suffering a loss of balance as well. Some people can also experience hearing loss accompanied by ringing in the ears, which can be a sign of tinnitus.


Not reaching the toilet on time?


A lot of older people can develop incontinence, which is an inability to control one’s bladder. If you notice that you’re unable to reach the toilet on time because you get a little warning, it could be worth seeing a doctor. Changing your diet and exercising your pelvic floor may be able to counter this issue. Whilst this condition can be embarrassing, it’s worth getting a diagnosis just to cancel out any serious digestive problems.


Getting regular chest pain?

Regular chest pain is one of the more serious symptoms to look out for on this list. It could be a sign of heart disease, which could be fatal if you don’t take steps to control it. Heart disease is the biggest killer in the world. That said, it can usually be kept at bay by making certain lifestyle changes and taking medication. A doctor will be able to diagnose this condition for you.

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