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Working from home brings with it a whole range of bonuses, but you can’t have the good without the bad. Often, working from home means feeling unmotivated at times, perhaps even a little lazy. It can be tough to get these done when you’re in this state emotionally. What many people don’t realize, is that it’s their environment that truly makes for great productivity. Take a look at your own environment, and figure out whether it’s helping you or hindering you.

If you believe that it could be improved, read on for some inspiration that should allow for maximum productivity:

Let In Natural Light

First thing’s first: you need natural light. It’s hard enough working in a room on your own all day, let alone doing it in artificial light that makes us feel lethargic. Don’t forget, natural light is actually essential to our health and well-being. It makes us more productive and gives us healthy doses of sunlight that make us happier. Let in as much as you can. If it’s darker where you live or you still struggle to get enough sunlight, it could be worth investing in a SAD lamp to sit near for the first part of your day.

Add Plants

Plants purify the air around us and can add much-needed life to our home offices. They are beautiful to look at too, which is always a bonus. Choosing a low-maintenance plant is fine, just make sure you add some greenery. We don’t spend enough time in nature as a species these days.

Find Pictures And Quotes That Motivate You

What sort of pictures and quotes really make you want to work hard? Is there a specific motivational speaker or person that makes you want to crush the day? Include their quotes and images in your office. Make a feature wall of things you can look at when you’re feeling unmotivated so you can find the strength to get to work.


Have A Door That You Can Shut

Now, this is an important one. If you have your computer in the family room with people coming in and out all day, it’s no wonder you don’t get any work done. One distraction can mean we have to spend another 20 or so minutes getting fired up to ‘get in the zone again. Even if your family isn’t directly disturbing or talking to you, it isn’t good for your walking day. Even if you have to set up an office in the garage and invest in an insulated coiling door to keep things warm and safe, it’s better than working in an open room in your home. A door you can shut is imperative.


Keep Things Organized

The organization is the key to getting things done faster and avoiding distractions. Invest in storage units and things that can help you in this respect.


Make Sure It Reflects You

Finally, don’t think that your office must be some boring, uninspiring space that must look a certain way. It can look any way you like, as long as it inspires you and makes you feel like getting stuff done!

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