Home Ruined By Your Honking Hound?

A dog is always a welcome addition to a family. Even the most unruly hound can wiggle their way into heart and home. Once they’ve been with you for a while, it’s near enough impossible to imagine life any other way. They become as important as any other member of the family and get VIP treatment.

Such is the joy of dog ownership. But, it isn’t all happiness and sunshine. Inviting an animal into your life isn’t all plain sailing. After all, these aren’t exactly the most domestic family members. When you’re not looking, your new family member could chew on all sorts, and leave unpleasant toilet surprises in the worst places. Even once you have their behavior under control, you need to consider their smell. In case you hadn’t realized yet; it isn’t always pretty. But, as no one wants to come home to a house that stinks of kennels, we’re going to look at how you can conquer the stench.

Freshen the air

Freshening the air in your home is always important, but it becomes more so when you have a dog around the place. There’s no getting around the fact that damp and stale stenches will haunt a stifling house. And, that only gets worse when a dog contributes to the stink. On top of the usual dampness of a family home, you’ll need to contend with the dog-related smells any owner comes to know. We’re talking hint of fox and dash of doggy doo. Not stuff you want to smell each time you come home. To help clear the air a little, it’s worth opening windows for at least half an hour each day. You could also invest in an air purifier, which would keep the air clear for the duration.

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Better ways to scent the home

We’ve already established that the scents mentioned above aren’t desirable in the home. But, if you want to get rid, you need to find better fragrances to replace them. Candles work well here, but only when you’re there to light them. To make sure things are fresh when you get home, you could invest in something like the essential oil diffusers by Aromatech. These release scents throughout the day to ensure your nose stays happy when you enter the house. Plus, you can hook these up to your HVAC system to ensure they reach every corner of the house. Equally, you could invest in reed diffusers, and place these in your dog’s favorite rooms. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll need to replace these every few months to keep their scent on top.

Wash that dog bed

It’s also important to note that smell may not come directly from your dog. If you’ve washed them, and are still experiencing unpleasant wafts, you may need to wash their bed instead. Scents collect on the material and release their wrath on your home. So, either invest in odor-resistant options or clean that dog bed regularly.

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