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There is nothing better then spending time with family. I love the holidays because not only do I get to have all of my adult children with me, but I get to spend time with my grandsons. When Covid started we, as a family, decided we needed to do better for our future and live healthier.

We added exercise in our daily routine and eating healthier. Like everyone else, spending time with family was really all we could do, and I am not complaining. We needed to slow down and realize what is important in life. In doing so we realized we want to be around a long time to watch our grandsons grow up, so therefore we had to make some major changes! This included finding HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs  these are so flavorful!

Our first step was finding healthy snacks so we didn’t feel like we were missing out. We found the HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs to be absolutely amazing. The only issue with this was so did our grandsons and adult children!


These come in three flavors, Ranch, Nacho Cheese and Cinnamon and Sugar.  They are a plant-based protein snack with 16g of protein per serving.  They have only Non-Genetically Engineered Ingredients and no Preservatives & Gluten Free, they do contain dairy.

The best part of course if the flavor, you don’t realize you are eating healthy,  the texture is as if you are eating a chip or cheese puff. They are so yummy! You won’t feel guilty after eating a bag! I have added these to my daily snack and can either get my chip craving or my sweet craving without ruining my diet!

Here is the product description:

Better snacking meets plant! HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS combines the goodness of plant-based protein (lots of it) in crunchable, munchable protein puffs to create better-for-you protein snacks. You can snack to your heart’s content knowing you’re treating yourself to a helping of your daily protein. The variety pack has all three varieties of the absolutely delectable, positively poppable protein snacks: Ranch, Nacho Cheese, and Cinnamon Sugar. Sound tasty to you? Available only on HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS is a trademark of Hormel Foods, LLC.

You can find these on Amazon HERE 


I received this product to review in return of compensation, although this is my own opinion of the product“.

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