How To Increase Your Curb Appeal

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Increasing your curb appeal can make your home look more inviting and up its value. Whether you want to sell your home or simply want a more welcoming entrance, the following measures are certain to make a difference.


Tidy your front lawn/driveway


If you’re lucky enough to have a front garden or a driveway, your first step should be to tidy this area up. Laying a new driveway can be expensive but may be necessary if it’s become cracked and mossy. Gravel could be a cheaper option than laying paving stones.

As for a front lawn, consider trimming this back. It could be worth buying garden sprinklers from a company such as Hozelock if the grass is patchy or dry. Alternatively, you could lay astroturf. Keen gardeners may be able to come up with something creative such as a stepping stone garden path or a flower feature.


Add a fresh lick of paint


Old exterior paint can begin to fade or peel over time. This will make your home look tired and less welcoming. Consider investing in exterior house painting from CalRes Painting or another similar company. Window frames and doors may need repainting too. Be careful of bold colors that could be too controversial (for those planning on selling their home, it could deter buyers and lower your home’s value).

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Repair your roofing


Roofing tiles or shingles may be missing from your roof. Repairing these will help to further give your home a fresh look. Also look out for broken guttering that could be an eyesore. There are tutorials online to help with repairing roof tiles and guttering but it can be a dangerous job. A professional may be better suited to the job and may be able to recommend long-lasting roofing options.


Name your home


In some instances, the simple act of giving your home a name could add thousands to your property’s value. It could also help to make your home more inviting and personalized. Consider placing a sign outside your property or putting a plaque near to your property’s house number.  Companies such as DesignAHouseSign can produce a customised sign for you very cheaply.

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Finish with some flora

Flowers can add color and vibrancy to the front of your home. You could consider planting some flower beds or having some potted plants lining your front lawn. Even if you don’t have a front lawn and your home opens straight out onto the pavement, you may be able to hang flower baskets either side of the door. Sites such as NotOnTheHighStreet have a great selection of quirky flower baskets to choose from. You could even put flower boxes on a window sill. Just make sure that these plants are regularly watered as dead flowers won’t do anything for your curb appeal.

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