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Your home is your most precious, and most valuable, asset. It’s not just where you happen to sleep at night, it is also where you relax, where your kids grow up, where memories are made, where recipes are tried, where relationships blossom… in short, it is where your life happens. And it is this that makes the thought of losing it so awful to consider.


However, you must always prepare for the worst (while always hoping for the best) in order to keep yourself and your family safe. Since your house is so precious, doing everything you can to protect it and ensure it against damage is a rational thing to do. Home security is a priority.

Contents and Buildings Insurance

If you don’t have it already, you must get contents and building insurance. If you live in a flat, the buildings insurance is likely to be a part of your monthly maintenance fee, but you should still make inquiries to be sure you are covered. Though buildings insurance can’t stop a flood or prevent a fire, it can help you to pay for water damage restoration or find somewhere else to live.


Ensuring your contents is just as important as it is likely that these are the things most at risk either through damage in an accident as above, or burglary. You might think it a waste of money, but consider this: if your entire house burns down with everything in it, can you pay for everything again out of your savings? And would you really want to? No. So get insurance.

Take Precautionary Measures

So now that you are insured, you should also take a few precautionary measures like installing and regularly testing fire alarms. You might also want to install a burglar alarm, for example, or replace a faulty lock to ensure that your home is secure while you are out or asleep. If you are worried about the quality of your locks, or you have lost a key recently, it isn’t being paranoid to change the locks with a reputable locksmith, it makes perfect sense.


You should also make sure that your furniture comes with fire labels, ensuring that they have been fire tested and won’t catch easily. Similarly, you should make sure to have an electrician check any item you feel isn’t working from your wiring to your appliances. Fire departments attend around 11,000 fires caused by electrical fault each year. Get an electrician out if you don’t want to risk being one of them.

Talk as a Family About Emergency Plans

You don’t want to scare your kids, but preparing them with a plan, especially if you live in an area that floods quite often, is a good idea. It might be a simple chat about staying put until you come and get them, or showing them various routes in and out of the house for emergency use, for example, going out of a window in the event of a fire.


Being prepared as a family is always a good idea so that should the worst happen, you have a plan and can deal with things without panicking.

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