How To Turn Your Old Garage Into The Organized Office Of Your Dreams


Right now, is your garage being put to good use? You may be tempted to say yes automatically because you know that it’s actually in use. But think about this for a second. Is it really in good use? Are you making the most out of the garage? Do you know that you’re really maximizing the space? Or is it just currently a dumping ground? The chances are, it’s the latter. Because so many of us never get around to using our garages as efficiently as we could be. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a home office together, well it’s time to realize that your garage is a great place for it. So here’s how you’re going to make that incredible transformation.


  1. Clear The Junk


First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re clearing out all of the old junk that you have there. And don’t just move it from all over the garage to one side. Make sure that you’re moving things out of the garage and actually sorting through it. Hire a skip and get things taken away that you no longer need. Anything that you do want to keep can be stored elsewhere in the house or garden until the work is complete.


  1. Conduct Any Work


When you’ve got an empty shell to work with, you’ll then want to do your construction work. This means that you’re going to want to block up the door and work in some replacement windows and maybe even new ones where the door once was too. You may also want to add in a bathroom, or electricity if you don’t currently have it in here. Speak to your contractor to work out how much you need to do to make the office possible.


  1. Decorate


From here, you’re then going to want to get some home office design ideas in mind and start the decorating process. You’ll want to make sure that you create a design theme that’s going to be appealing, but also that motivates you to work too. And definitely remember to have fun here, as it’s all part of the process.


  1. Work In Storage


Then, this is the important part – you need to start organizing. Really make sure that your contractor knows you want to keep this space organized. You may want to split it. Have a section where you can store office and work materials, but then also some build in areas to store some of the garage stuff that was here originally, and has no other place to go. This is a great way to really optimize your space organization.


  1. Furnish


Finally, you’ll then want to furnish the space too. Make sure that you pick out office furniture that will be comfortable, but that will also allow you to stay organized too. You’ll want to start your hunt for the key pieces when the renovations get underway because it can take a lot of time for you to find a balance here.

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