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Are you worried about the security of your home? Perhaps you should be. Research shows that break-ins have actually risen over the last few years. On the plus side, violent crimes have dropped right off, so chances are if someone does break into your home they want the TV. This means it’s unlikely they’ll try and enter while you are inside. Still, mistakes can be made, and you don’t want to end up in a position where you are worried about someone entering your home who shouldn’t be there. That’s why you need to think about security


Weak Spots

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There are various areas that can provide a weak spot in security for your home and a way for criminals to get in with less difficulty. For instance, you might have a hole in your roof. Depending on the size or location of that hole, this could be the perfect opening for a thief or burglar.


Or, perhaps you have a garage door that has seen better days. If it isn’t shutting properly, it can easily be an entry point for a criminal. You might think that if the door connecting your garage to the house is locked that you are safe, but don’t be so sure. It’s quite possible that once they are in the garage, they can work as long as they need to out of sight and undetected on that inner door. Eventually, they could break through.


This is one of the reasons why you need to make sure that repairs on your home are completed as quickly as possible.


Security Systems

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Do you have the right security system for your home? According to, there are a number of different systems to choose from, including LiveWatch and ADT. All have their strengths and weaknesses, but the fact is that most homes don’t have any form of real security system. They might have an alarm or a lock on the main door. But one feature is never going to be enough. To keep your home and your valuables safe, you should definitely be investing in the full package. This is the only way to ensure that you have everything in place to prevent a break-in.


Silly Mistakes

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One report found that in certain areas, nearly forty percent of people leave their front doors unlocked. Now it is worth pointing that if you leave your door unlocked and there’s no sign of a break in, you will have difficulty making a claim through the insurance. But that’s not the main reason why your door shouldn’t be left unlocked, even if you are in. You might think you’d notice someone walking into your home. But what if you were in the kitchen cooking dinner with the TV on? The kids wouldn’t notice, they’re upstairs listening to music and playing a video game. Is it possible someone could walk in, steal some valuable items lying around and walk out again? You bet it is. You can find more weird mistakes people make with their home security on


We hope this helps you realize whether your home is truly secure or if you need to take more measures to protect your possessions.

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