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Is Your Workwear Wearing You Down?

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Many of us dress to impress in the workplace. But there are some fashion trends that our bodies might not approve of in the long run. Here are just a few ways in which workwear might be wearing you down.


Treat your feet


The wrong footwear can have bad effects on your joints, especially in careers where you’re constantly on your feet.


The biggest offender for joint problems later in life is high heels. These shoes put pressure on the ankles, knees, hips, and spine and regular use has been linked to arthritis and osteoporosis. You don’t need to say goodbye to heels forever, but should certainly think of embracing flats more if you’re currently wearing heels five days a week.  


Some employers still request heels as part of the dress code. However, a growing number of lawsuits and pressure from scientists has made it much easier to argue one’s case.


Some workplaces such as hospitals have gone so far as to make all their nursing staff wear trainers due to the greater protection of the joints. There are still many smart shoes that are also good for your joints – if your job has you on your feet all day, it could be worth investing in a pair to save your mobility later on if life.


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Get it in the bag


Handbags and satchel bags may also be a hidden hazard to your health – especially heavy ones. This is because they only have one strap. Many of us have a favored shoulder and this can lead to long-term uneven weight distribution, which has been linked to back problems later in life.


An easy solution could be to swap your bag from shoulder to shoulder each day so that you’re working out both shoulders.


Alternatively, you could buy a rucksack to split the weight distribution evenly. Backpacks aren’t just for school kids and there are many sophisticated bags out there. Those wanting something robust and classy could consider getting a leather backpack. There are also rucksacks made of felt and suede.


Loosen up


Is your work clothing overly tight? Do you have to squeeze yourself into your trousers and is your belt done up to the point that you have to breathe in. There’s growing research to suggest that wearing tight clothing is extremely bad for your health. Squishing your stomach in could be causing damage to your internal organs and bringing on acid reflux. Tight stockings or leggings meanwhile when worn on a regular basis can restrict blood flow and make you more susceptible to varicose veins and circulatory problems. Try wearing looser clothing to protect your body.

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Keep it clean


A lack of cleanliness may seem obvious. But in some professions, certain items of clothing may go unwashed for some time, gathering bacteria. Protective clothing as provided by the workplace such as gloves and hard hats can start to get grubby, but few workers will ever think to give these a regular clean. Storing gloves in your hard hat should be a big no-no and has been linked to cellulitis – a skin infection on the head. When you can, give these items of clothing a wash.

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