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If your kid is starting the last-year of high school, you need to sit down with them and have an eye-opening conversation about what it’s like to go to college. They will make their own mistakes and learn their own lessons, but you’ll worry a lot less if you warn them about the common dangers and risks of the student’s life. After all, the college years mark the beginning of their independence. Picture your kids diving into unknown and deep waters. They need your help to come on the other side safely.

Going to college


#1. College is expensive

First of all, after a life of the luxury of high school, it’s essential that you warn your child that the college life will need to be a little more frugal than what they’re used to. For a start, most students need to move out and find an accommodation on their campus, which means that they will need to pay for the room or the flat. Considering the cost of food, studies, and everyday essentials, it’s no wonder that most students struggle with making both ends meet at the end of the month. But offers a straightforward and applicable alternative to the student debt. By consolidating all student loans, you can reduce and manage payments towards a debt-free future.  

College expenses


#2. More freedom doesn’t mean less work

There is no denying it: Going to college might seem at first like a burst of freedom. Nobody is watching over your kid’s shoulder to make sure that they’ve done their homework, or that they’re getting their beauty sleep. Your role as a parent is to help them to get organized and plan for their college work efficiently. Some kids might even enjoy planning their everyday deadlines from essays to bills using a project management tool online. Others prefer a manual to-do list or a bullet-point journal. Whatever works for them will do the trick!


#3. You’re responsible for your own health

There’s another danger to the new wave of freedom, and it’s developing unhealthy habits. lists up to 8 bad habits that people develop when they go to college, from not getting enough sleep to snacking all day. Unfortunately, bad habits tend to be difficult to get rid of, and that’s why most of these continue into adulthood. The result? An army of tired, over-caffeinated, and procrastinating young adults. Make it clear that your kid has their health in their own hands.

College party essential


#4. Taking on more responsibilities

Between managing expenses and wanting to build up a professional résumé, student jobs can be very rewarding for those who are ready to work hard. There are plenty of accessible jobs that students can take as part-time roles during their studies. From becoming a library monitor – which is the guarantee for them to be able to get their homework done – to assisting teacher, there are options that can act as a catalyst for their knowledge. Naturally, becoming a barista is also an option if they prefer to serve coffee!


Warning your kid about the things to come when they go to college is great to help both of you to get ready. While they are warned about the potential risk of their future life, you can be assured that you’re doing all you can to keep them safe. Remember to let go, though. It’s not the time for them to claim their independence!


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