Jewelry Options to Add an Air of Sophistication to Your Look

When it comes to looking good, there’s one key rule to remember. Fashion is temporary, style is forever. There are certain signature items that you should sport when you’re out in public that will add a personal touch to whichever ensemble you might have chosen that day. Something that will make sure everyone knows that you’ve put thought, time and effort into your get up. The easiest way to do this? Your jewelry. Your outfit may be pristine; your shoes may be shining, your hair may be flowing and your makeup may be flawless. But it’s the little touches from your accessories that will really make you stand out from the crowd. So, which items should you go for to add an air of sophistication to your final outfit? Here are a few to consider.

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As the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This rings true, even today. Why? There isn’t a single skin tone or hair color that isn’t complimented by a beautiful, shining diamond. But where to start? There are so many ways to wear them! Our first piece of advice is to stay simple. You don’t want to look too flashy or garish with huge stones dripping from you. Try to stick with one diamond and invest in it wisely. For the single ladies, try some diamond earrings. They can be small, relatively subtle studs, but they will glint in the light and draw attention to your face. For those of us who are taken? It might be time to start dropping the hints for the engagement ring of your dreams. Or you could tell your partner outright exactly what you want. It’s you who’s going to have to wear it every day for the rest of your life, after all. Make sure it’s absolutely perfect. Verragio rings are a good place to start, as you want a reliable and high-end brand when you’re making such a huge investment in a single piece. Find the right cut for you, the most complimentary band material (yellow gold, rose gold and platinum are common favorites) and most importantly, ensure that it fits well.

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Pearls are second to none when it comes to timeless, classic beauty. They are rare and the milky pearl white tone will flatter almost anyone. However, if possible, opt for artificial pearls. You generally cannot tell the difference and it makes your beauty cruelty free! If you want to keep things discreet, try a pair of pearl earring studs. Smaller pearls are preferable, as they won’t weigh down your ear or make your lobes appear stretched. Alternatively, you could try out a pearl bracelet. Try to keep smaller pearls in this area too: they will make your wrists looks dainty and ladylike. If you’re going for a statement piece, we come to the dream of pearl lovers: the pearl necklace. This is the Queen of pearl pieces. It will be costly but it will never lose its charm and is timeless. Remember, pearls do not go out of fashion.

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Semi-Precious Stones

If you are considering a more alternative look, then semi-precious stones may be the answer. These are not shiny, like precious stones, but can hold some of the most beautiful colors and patterns imaginable. They also purportedly have different properties. So if you are spiritual or interested in the mystical, check out each stone’s properties before settling on one. When it comes to wearing them, invest in a pretty cage pendant. These will hang from a necklace and hold your stone safely.

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