Keeping Your Kitchen Clean with Minimal Effort

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If you seem to spend more time cleaning and maintaining your kitchen than you do cooking in it, let alone enjoying family time in there, it might be time to improve your kitchen cleaning routine.

If you want to cut down on day-to-day kitchen maintenance, there are a few things you need to do differently, which if implemented, will mean less work for you…

Wash Up Before Cooking

Before you start cooking, you should always ensure that your sink and dishwasher are completely empty. If they aren’t, do the dishes before you start peeling, chopping and broiling. Why? Because then you can….

Clean as You Go Along

It’s a lot easier to clean the pots, pans, and tools you use in the kitchen as you go along than it is to deal with a mountain of dishes after you’ve eaten. So, once you’re done the chopping, while the onions brown, wash the knife. It won’t feel like such hard work then, and you won’t be left with a messy kitchen that takes a lot more cleaning, the next day.

Clean the Sink After Washing the Dishes

Another great way to keep on top of your kitchen cleanliness and cut down on your daily maintenance is to clean the kitchen sink immediately after you’ve washed the dishes. It only takes a few seconds more, but it pretty much ensures that your kitchen is always clean, sparkling and sweet smelling.

Schedule Monthly Maintenance

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Whether it’s bringing in a professional tile cleaning company to give the kitchen floor a new lease of life, sharpening your cooking knives or removing rust from your most treasured pots and pans, it’s a good idea to schedule a day or two each month when you tackle the bigger jobs.

Invest in the Right Tools

Investing in the right cleaning tools for the job is another good way of cutting your kitchen cleaning time. Always having high-quality sink unblocker, wire brushes, cloths, and sponges, not to mention cleaning solutions, on hand, in an easily accessible kitchen cupboard, will mean that you can tackle any issues effectively without delay.

Buy a Bigger Trash Can

If you frequently find that your kitchen countertops are covered in debris, whether it be vegetable peelings, empty packages or things you plan to recycle, invest in bigger trash and recycling cans so that there is no excuse for anyone not to dispose of their garbage the right way.

Don’t Be a Messy Cook

Of course, one thing that will immediately cut down on the amount of time you need to spend cleaning the kitchen is becoming a less-messy cook.If you tend to get food all over the place when you’re cooking, check out these great tips to help you cook without the mess. It’ll make a huge difference to how great your kitchen looks.

As you can see, keeping your kitchen clean doesn’t have to be a full-time job – a few hacks and a little tidying here and there is all that you need!

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