Let A Little Sheen Run Through Your Home

When most people think of refreshing their decor, they think of styles and designs to fit their personalities and home. Maybe we’re all guilty of this, but one thing that is often overlooked is the dance of light in our living space. It’s a well-known fact that the human brain perceives there to be more space in a small room when it’s brightly lit. So as part of your overall style in the home, injecting little-polished steel, tin, and even silver would encapsulate it with shine. It’s easy to implement such a style that is quite a special sub-group. It’s not quite often thought of as something to take action on, but the sheen in the home is more than just playing with light. It’s also about drawing the eyes toward a certain part of the decor. Applying this style to your living space requires a little touch of subtlety so that it melts into the background.


Lamps and secondary light


Lamps are oases of light within the home that create their area of comfort. They could be placed beside your bed on the dresser or drawer, or perhaps in a dim corner that doesn’t receive enough light from the main central bulb in the room. However, a lamp that makes use of stainless steel produces secondary light effects. Without it being completely reflective, the light that it makes and the natural light, bounce around it with vigor. The stem can be made of another material, but the base and the shade should be incorporating the steel. The circular ribbon type of shade is perhaps the best option, and a square base would fit nicely.

Kitchen cabinets

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Kitchen dominance


One of the best features of modern kitchens is the fact that metal and wood play different but complementary roles. Wooden chopping boards and spoons are offset with steel knives and silver-plated cutlery. Home appliances that are large and domineering add much the same effect in the kitchen. Fridges, washing machines, ovens, and microwaves add a new layer of sheen, but surprisingly they all fit casually into the background of the room. They do just become an appliance when they’re being used, but when a guest walks into your kitchen for the first time, they will notice how the light is invitingly bouncing around the room.

Image by Piotr Siedlecki


Mirrors with benefits


Becoming more and more widespread in culture is to use smaller mirrors to evaluate your appearance. Whether it be the car mirror, the makeup mirror, or the mirrored windows of a building, they all fall short of a purpose-built mirror for the home. Again the silver, gold, or steel frame of a mirror adds the benefit of a brighter home. Not just a mirror to check your appearance before walking out the door, but something that adds a little extra brightness to your hallway, lounge room, or bedroom.


Controlling light has never been easy. Interior designers have wracked their brains trying to find ways of harnessing brightness to make rooms come to life and seem bigger than they are. However metal is your friend in this endeavor, and you should allow it to do the hard work for you.

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