Living The Dream: How To Bring Your Living Room Visions To Life

While we’d all love to achieve perfection throughout the property, most homeowners would agree that the living room sits top of the agenda. After all, this is the place where you get to spend magical moments with your family while it’s a place for personal relaxation too. As such, boosting the atmosphere in the room will improve your relationship with the entire home.


In truth, the living room provides the most daunting of single upgrade tasks. However, a sense of good organization will enable you to overcome those hurdles to unlock the room’s full potential. Here’s how.

Living Room



Work Your Way Up


The first steps are the most challenging in any home design project, and the living room transformation is no different. You could spend ages looking for starting points, but the best option is to rejuvenate the flooring.


Many homeowners worry about the costs of this task, but there are ways to keep those expenses down. Floor refinishing involves sanding the floors to bare wood before sanding and adding the finishing coats. Alternatively, if your lounge has a carpet, then an industrial cleaner may save the need for replacement. Then again, when the floor has seen better days, you may still need to seek a new solution.


Rugs and other accessories can be utilized to bring extra character and charm. Either way, the flooring can set a positive tone for the entire room. Furthermore, you should find that it provides direction when making additional design choices.


Create Extra Space


Living room space should be designed for exactly that. To let this happen, you must ensure that the space is utilized in the best possible manner. Ultimately, when it comes to living room perceptions, bigger is better.


Getting rid of bulky furniture, especially wide ones will claw back valuable floor space. For example, removing a TV unit and mounting the television will work wonders. Choose a multi-position bracket and you’ll have greater versatility. This is particularly useful if you use it for yoga or gaming in addition to a standard television. Meanwhile, shelving can be used to display ornaments and family possessions without eating away at the floor space.


Hidden storage via ottomans, door hooks, and retractable furniture will also make a big impact. When there’s more room to play with, the opportunities instantly become far greater.   


Go Smart


Technology plays a huge role in our daily lives, particularly at home. The living room is one space that should certainly look to utilize the latest features. In truth, the possibilities have increased at a rapid rate over the past decade or so.


This guide to turning a dumb home into a smart one will point you in the right direction. In many cases, it won’t just make the lounge look better. It’ll additionally result in reduced costs and a greater sense of security. Or if you don’t wish to make those changes, simple additions like digital photo frames can inject an increased sense of personality into the room. This is something all homeowners should prioritize.


Many of those bigger additions will actively increase the home’s property. Furthermore, being ahead of the curve today ensures that you won’t get left behind in the next few years. This means you can enjoy the new lounge for far longer.


Opt For Light Colors


There are no set rules for how you should set out the interior design of the home. However, it’s very difficult to embrace the concept of a living room when the atmosphere has been dampened due to dark tones. After all, those color schemes set the vibe for the whole room.



Choosing light schemes such as white or lighter wood makes the living room brighter both literally and figuratively. Besides, this also gives you the best chance of drawing attention to the defining elements such as fireplaces or feature walls. Encourage natural light by choosing the right window dressings too, and you’ll be amazed at the impact it brings. If privacy is an issue, translucent films can solve those issues.


The electrical lighting is vital for setting the right atmosphere too. Install a dimmer switch, and you’ll enjoy a far greater sense of control. Again, it can have a positive impact on the value while this is an opportunity to choose greener energy.   


Plan Furniture Placements


Ensuring that the walls, lighting, and color schemes are in great condition sets the perfect foundations. But the room is just a shell until you add the furniture. Shelving, TVs, and wall art can all provide direction. Ultimately, though, the furniture should encourage conversation.


The exact layout of the furniture will be largely determined by the shape and size of the room. Corner sofas are a great way to provide ample seating comfortably without losing too much space. Meanwhile, adding an armchair can encourage even greater communication between family members. If all else fails, giant bean bags offer a solution that can be stored in a cupboard when out of use.


If the living room doubles up as a dining room, it’s often best to position the table out of sight when seated. By splitting the room in this manner, you keep the coziness without losing the function that’s required.   


Add Curb Appeal


It might not strictly fall into the category of upgrading the lounge, but adding curb appeal to the front of the property will boost the atmosphere. Simply looking out of the window to see a more beautiful sight is sure to put you in a happier mood.   


Adding flowers and keeping the grass in good condition can have a telling impact. Likewise, driveways and gates deserve an extra sense of attention. Meanwhile, painting the external window ledges can have a hugely positive impact. This is a great excuse to paint the property too, although you won’t necessarily see those benefits when in the lounge.


This is very much a final touch. Still, when combined with a positive internal transformation, the dream of a perfect living room space will become a reality.

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