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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the American Heart Association; all opinions are entirely my own.

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Dealing with someone who has had a heart attack or stroke can take a toll on people. It took a toll on my family and me when my father had a stroke and was put in the hospital and then through rehab. It can be difficult and stressful times to completely understand what is going on, or what happened to someone who has had a heart attack or a stroke. If you or someone you know is going through this please understand you are not alone. The American Heart Association Support Network offers a life-long connection to help and to be a shoulder to cry on.

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The Support Network has 117k members. That is 117k people that share your experiences and from e\who you can get advice. You will be able to get engaged with other people and find the help and encouragement you need for these hard times.  Joining the Support Network is not hard at all. It is a great place to see the personal experiences of people dealing with the same health problems and what worked best for them. You can also get questions answered professionally. Choose to help yourself live a longer healthier life by doing research and asking questions you have about your health on the Support Network. Signing up is free and this is something you do not want to miss out on. If you ever feel alone, you can find someone to have a conversation with about your condition or find someone who may need your help.

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When you or someone you know is going through an emotional time it is always better to have someone who you can talk to and trust about your problems. The Support Network can help reduce depression by having more people to talk to. Having support can even help improve your quality of life. There are no membership fees or anything. Join today and let me know how much they have helped your life!

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