Lung Cancer Is Totally Preventable: Here’s How

When it comes to cancer, we’re in two minds. On the one hand, many of us think that cancer is something that lurks in our genetics, waiting to strike at the opportune moment and bring us down. But on the other, we accept that some things, like smoking, cause cancer. So which is it?


It turns out that when it comes to lung cancer, it’s more the latter and less the former. Yes, there are people with a genetic propensity to get lung cancer, but with the right approach, you can pretty much forget about ever getting the disease and protect yourself in the long run. Here’s how.


Don’t Smoke, And Even If You Already Do, Quit Anyway



It’s best not to start smoking in the first place. But if you have already begun the habit, it’s still worth quitting. Why? Because over time, the likelihood that a smoker will get lung cancer falls to the level of a non-smoker. In other words, the body is so good at healing itself that after about a decade, it’s as if you never smoked at all.


Get Regular Screening



Everybody is at risk of lung cancer whether they smoke or not, thanks to our polluted environment and terrible diets. Every time you breathe in particles from diesel exhausts, you up your risk of developing lung cancer and other lung-related diseases, like COPD. As with all chronic diseases, your chances of preventing them from developing into something more serious are improved through early detection, something that sites like emphasize. Early detection reduces the severity of any treatment and prevents cancer from developing into the third stage where it metastasizes and spreads throughout the body.


Exercise (But Not In Traffic)


Sorry city cyclists, but your exercise might be bad for you. The reason: breathing in all those toxic, particle-laden fumes from vehicle exhausts. For everybody else though, exercising is beneficial. Studies have shown that something as simple as gardening twice a week can lower your lung cancer risk significantly.


Beware Smoke Particles In The Home


Why does cigarette smoke lead to cancer? Presumably because of the dangerous chemicals that come into contact with the delicate lining of your lungs. But tobacco smoke isn’t the only place where these chemicals are found. They’re also present in seemingly innocuous household products, like sprays and cleaners. You can find them in wood-burning stoves too – something which is rarely discussed in the media or on blogs. In fact, one of the leading reasons why lung cancer is so high in the developing world is because people cook over open fires in their homes. Smoke fills their homes, and their lungs and they end up suffering from cancer.


Check Your Home For Radon



Radon is a radioactive noble gas. It’s like argon, but a lot more dangerous, and is considered a leading cause of lung cancer. According to the data, it’s the leading cause of lung cancer among people who don’t smoke or who aren’t exposed to secondhand smoke according to Radon is found in soil near uranium deposits, so get your home checked which a radon gas detector to see if your home has safe levels.

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