Tue. May 17th, 2022

This is a sponsored post, however, these are my own personal thoughts and opinions.

If you’re a mom, you understand the aches and pains that come with raising a kid. When you do more lifting in a day picking up your child than most hardcore lifters, you start to feel it. Especially when your son is nearly half your weight at three years old like mine. I feel it in my back, elbows, and hips from the constant lifting my big boy all day long. Combine that with the normal daily routine of being in the garden, cooking dinner, cleaning house and there’s rarely a joint or muscle that doesn’t hurt the next morning. I’m not a fan of taking tons of pain relief meds and I can’t afford the high price heating joint pads. Menthonol is the solution I found to cure my aches and pains that don’t cause pain to my pocketbooks.

Menthonol is a powerful pain relief cream with Seanol-S Arnica oil and Emu oil. You apply a small amount to the muscle and joints that hurt or to the areas that usually will be sore after activities a few times a day for fast-acting relief. I wake up and apply it to especially my back, elbows, and hips which usually soar from the previous day. Within just a couple minutes I immediately feel the relief. A bottle of Menthonol usually lasts over a month and at $34.95 that’s effectively a dollar a day for fast-acting, powerful pain relief.

It was so effective for my joint and muscle issues I suggested it to my dad who suffers from arthritis in his hands. He also noticed it’s immediate effects and is back to working in the barn on his projects, free from the pain that plagued him. If you’re a lifter, mechanic, gardener, or just someone who’s tired of being in pain, I highly suggest Menthonol.

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