Minor Life Tweaks To Be An Environmental Hero

Regardless of what you think of climate change and humans impact in it, the simple truth is this – being kind to the planet can help you be at peace with your place in it.


Just like humans, the earth is a living, breathing thing – one that a lot of people disregard – and if you want to make a contribution to life on this planet, be mindful of the impact you have on it. It’s also worth pointing out that as well helping yourself feel good, environmentally sound lifestyles tend to save you a fair amount of money, too.


With this in mind, why not give these simple life tweaks to start doing your bit for the good of everyone – and the earth itself. Read on to find out more.

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Cut out the drinks lids.


It seems that every week we are seeing scientists on the news explaining that the plastic we are tipping into the sea is having a dramatic, negative impact. And one of the biggest culprits is those lids and straws you get from your local fast food joints. There’s a simple solution – stop using them. Sip your soda from your cup, and you’ll be helping save a whole bunch of fish, sea creatures, and underwater fauna.


Reuse everything


It’s not hard to be mindful of the waste your home produces every week. After all, you already handle everything you throw in the trash – so it’s just a case of taking a mental note and making better decisions. The reality is that almost all trash we throw away can be reused, composted, fixed, or even sold. Get acquainted with your local recycling center, and start doing your bit.


Buy reused everything


Be honest – is there really any need to buy brand new everything? If you can start looking at the used market more often, you’ll be making that particular trend a lot stronger, meaning more people will sell or give away their old things rather than putting them into a landfill site. You’ll also save yourself a significant amount of money – so get started scouring your local thrift stores a lot more often than you do right now.


Keep your tires pumped


Driving a car is a necessary evil when you live in such a big and expansive country. And there is no getting around forking out for fuel as a result. However, by using tire pressure monitoring systems, you’ll find that you can reduce your consumption by a significant amount. Research suggests that underinflated tires are one of the biggest impactors on your car’s efficiency, and at any one time, half the car owners on the road will be driving with flats. Be in the other half.


Go paperless

Finally, set up all your bills to leave your bank automatically – just set and forget. Use recycled wrapping paper if you have to use it at all, and opt out of every direct mailing list to stop the flood of paper trash coming through your door every day. Not only will you help save the planet, but you’ll also lead a lot more contented life, too. Happy tweaking!

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