Mixing the Old and the New in Your Living Room

Your living room doesn’t have to be completely adorned in just one specific and particular style, you know. No, it can be a mismatch and a mix-up. More to the point, it can be the perfect concoction of both the old and the new. For advice on how to achieve such a distinctly old but new style in your living room, make sure to read on.

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Don’t be afraid to be clear about what you are doing


When trying to mix the old and the new in your living room, you cannot be half-hearted. You cannot let the style you have attempted be up for debate and have guests to your house leave your house wondering exactly what it is you are doing. No, you have to be upfront and clear with the style you are going for, and you have to have no fear or shame in doing so. To do this, you should have no shame in blatantly and vividly contrasting vintage pieces of decor alongside far more modern pieces. In fact, you can even buy yourself stylistic pieces that come ready-made in this style-contrasting fashion; in the SunPan modern sofa category, for instance, you will find seats with their own somewhat futuristic style mixed with a distinctive Chesterfield feel, the results of which being the perfect concoction of the new and the old. And, when you choose this sort of furniture you make it clear exactly what it is you are doing and what style you are attempting, meaning nothing is left up for debate!

Opt for a neutral color palette


By giving your living room a neutral color palette you are essentially providing yourself with a blank canvas from which to work. You see, when you adorn your walls in neutral and placid colors, such as cream, you give yourself the chance to make your mixing and matching of old and new styles the main attraction in the room without drawing attention away from them with bright, eye-catching colors. Also, because natural color schemes have long since been on-trend in regards to home styles and still continue to do so today, you would be able to be sure that both your old styles and your new ones will suit it down to a T.

Have patience with your venture


With other, far more straightforward home stylings it is somewhat okay to rush the venture and get it over and looking nice as soon as possible. But, when you are seeking to mix the old and the new,  you must be patient. Simply, you must not just buy antiques and futuristic pieces just because they look nice, you must only buy them if they suit the other pieces of decor and furniture you have in your room. If you were to do that you would break the balance of your project and more than likely look more like a hoarder’s paradise rather than a stylish room.

Once you’re done inducing this kind of style in your living room, why not attempt it in your kitchen?

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