My friend got a boob job and I am soooooo jealous! List of why I shouldn’t!!

Okay, so my whole life I have been what you call… “well endowed” up top, thanks, mom…. I have always dreamed of a reduction and willing to give the excess away. But those dreams have never amounted to me having the courage or time to actually do this. BUT… today my friend had hers done. She considered herself “NOT well endowed” and decided after a recent divorce to do something about it.

Now I can admit I am a little jealous of her courage and ability to do this but I have decided to write a list of why this is not a good idea….  This list was difficult since I really, really want to get mine jacked up and reduced.

  1. Financial reasons, this is a huge cost and I would hate to spend that kind of money on myself. I am a believer to be happy with what God gave me.!
  2. Pain, I am a big baby when it comes to doing anything that will cause pain to my body!
  3. Loss of feeling, so I have heard that if you do get “them” done you lose feeling, that would suck.
  4. Risk of cancer, cancer is harder to detect if you have them done.
  5. Lastly, you would have to buy all new bras and clothes!! She had to borrow some of my shirts because her’s will be too small!!

Okay, so I feel a little better, not only do I hope my friend’s turn out perfect, I hope they are everything she wanted and will be happy with. In the meantime, I will keep enjoying my overabundance and work on losing weight.  I may be able to reduce my excess this way.

I will set goals this year, like lose weight, and once I meet a certain target reexamine if I really want to do this to myself. In the meantime, I can decide if any of the above reasons will prevent me from having this procedure done.



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