National Geographic Kids Leveled Readers #Momsmeet

I received this product from Moms Meet for review purposes, this is 100% my own opinion.

As a former middle school teacher, I can tell you personally the difference between kids that were read to and kids that were not. Not only was their vocabulary a lot better, but they also showed a better understanding.  Children who are read display a more curious mind and are more willing to ask questions. They learn from a young age that books tell stories and are informative.

Our grandchildren love when Mimi and Poppy read to them. They absorb everything we read. I can tell they listen because they take that information and use it later. Our oldest grandson is interested in animals right now so we were excited to introduce the National Geographic Kids Leveled Readers to him.

The first thing they do when they come to visit is run and find their favorite National Geographic for Kids Leveled Book for us to read. I usually end up reading several of them before their visit is up. They love the vibrant colors and how each book is so interesting. At the end of the book, it recaps what they learned, they love hollering out the answers, and they even go to the page to show me they were right.


If you have a little one that loves to learn, or if you want to help them get ahead in school, reading is not only the best way but it will also help make wonderful memories with your little one! I recommend the National Geographic Kids Leveled Reading books. They are very reasonably priced! Their site also has free printables and also some very useful information, games, and videos!!


  1. My husband and I both love to read and we read to our children overnight before going to bed. Plus I read to them during the day. We went to the library and they learned to love getting new books. All our grown children love to read and now our grandchildren are learning to read and love it.

  2. I love reading to my daughter and she loves books and being read to. I have to see if we have National Geographic Kids Leveled Reading books available here too! I’m sure my daughter would love them!

  3. My kids, especially my son, love National Geographic! In fact, he just got a National Geographic Gem and Rock book for his birthday.

  4. This reminds me of a magazine my grammy used to get me when I was little–I think it had the name “zoo” in it, but not sure. So great to get kids excited about nature and also reading!

  5. Awww I love reading these with my son he is a big animal lover! I used to read these as a kid as well and I am glad that your enjoying them with your family.

  6. I’m trying hard to get my five year old into books. My eight year old is fine and reading chapter books. The National Geographic books sound really great.

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