Natural Ways to Keep Your Teeth Shining

White teeth is often a goal that we all aim for. No one wants dark stains or yellow tinting on their teeth which is why we spend so much time, effort and money on trying to keep our teeth sparkling. Unfortunately, many of us resort to expensive procedures and products that can cause sensitivity issues in our teeth and ultimately cause long-term damage if used incorrectly. If you want to avoid these issues, then consider these natural methods for teeth-whitening that won’t burn a hole in your wallet or your teeth!

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Learn Why Teeth Turn Yellow


The first thing to keep in mind and learn is why teeth turn yellow in the first place. From smoking to drinking tea or coffee on a regular basis, there are many factors that ultimately contribute to discoloration of our teeth. If you’re serious about making your teeth shine, then here are a few things to keep in mind:



  • Tea or coffee will stain your teeth, so make sure you drink plenty of water after heavy tea or coffee drinking
  • Smoking cigarettes will contribute to stained teeth and the damage will be hard to repair without serious cosmetic help
  • Ageing can also contribute to enamel thinning that affects the color of your teeth
  • Processed food that is high in acid such as soft drinks or fruit juices can discolour teeth, so it’s recommended to drink copious amounts of water to counteract it
  • Genetic factors are also a leading cause of yellow teeth and there’s not much that can be done without cosmetic aids



Now that you understand some of the reasons why teeth turn yellow, you can now start to avoid these things in order to naturally begin whitening your teeth. By avoiding things like tea and coffee, fruit juices and increasing your overall water intake, you’ll notice some benefits that will slowly lead to whiter and cleaner teeth.


Learn to Brush Properly


Naturally, one of the best options to whiten teeth is to simply brush them properly. If you’re not taking good care of your teeth, then you’ll end up with plaque, bacteria, and bits of food which cause your gums to worsen and your teeth to look dirty.


A good place to start would be to look at the best electric toothbrush you can find. Electric brushes offer many advantages over traditional brushing techniques and they’re worth the money you invest thanks to their effectiveness. It takes a little to get used to, but it ensures that your teeth stay clean and fresh.


You should also compliment your brushing with flossing. Although some people don’t believe in flossing, it’s one of the only ways to get rid of plaque and food build up in between your teeth. If you’ve ever eating something that sticks to your teeth, then you’ll know what it feels like to have food stuck in your mouth. Flossing can be quite difficult to learn, but there are interdental brushes that take the work out of flossing and make it far easier to do.

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