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We’ve all been there, lying awake, tossing and turning, being unable to sleep. You know the fact that you’ve seen every hour, and you are counting down the minutes until you have to get up and trudge through your working day like some sort of caffeinated zombie. But, have you ever thought of the reason why you can’t sleep? We don’t tend to focus on the source behind our lack of sleep, we just focus on the fact that we can’t do it! Let’s have a look at some of the surprising, yet common, reasons you can’t sleep.


You Use Your Smartphone Too Much

We all do it before bed. We look at what we missed on social media, and we’ll catch up on the news, but lying in bed, looking at these things, we think it’s just a nice, harmless little chill-out method before we drift off. But, it’s doing more damage than you think! Using your phone emits blue light, which interrupts your sleep hormone, melatonin. This means that, although you have the quantity of sleep, you don’t have the quality! And for a lot of us, who have really busy lives, we need this opportunity to catch up on our emails. The solution? Either get a blue light filter for your phone, or a more effective solution is to wear light-blocking glasses. There are suppliers like Spektrum Glasses, where you can browse their catalog online, so you still have the opportunity to do what you need to do on your smartphone, but still, get that quality sleep. Smartphones are distracting us as a society, but that’s a discussion for another time!


Your Bedroom Is Messy

If you’ve got a bedroom where nothing is in order, or you work from your bedroom a lot, there’s no separation between your working life and your sleep time. Take the opportunity to get your bedroom in some sense of order, and it will relax your mind, and you will have a better opportunity for a good night’s sleep.


You Constantly Think

Following on from a messy bedroom, this does make for a messy mind, but even if you are the cleanest of people, if you overthink, you’ve got such an active brain that it’s almost impossible to switch off. There are things worth looking at in this respect, such as your diet, especially if you eat too much sugar, which makes your insulin rise, which can impact your sleep, but also, are you anxious? Anxiety is something that affects so many of us now, so think about some ways to quieten your mind down, such as meditation or mindfulness.


You Have No Bedtime Routine

After a long day, we go to bed and expect to fall asleep, but this isn’t the way it works! Much like when you were a child, and your parents had a little routine for you, it’s worth implementing one for yourself. Doing something relaxing like reading a non-stimulating book, having a bath, or doing something to signal that it’s time to go to bed and relax will put you in a deeper slumber.


Can’t sleep? Look at these aspects and rethink your entire routine.

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