October RSV Awareness Month #LittleLungs

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Having a child in daycare, I became very aware of RSV. Last year right before Christmas we experienced this first hand. Our son was 4 months old and came home from daycare with cold-like symptoms. We noticed a persistent cough and fever. We took him to the doctor to find out he had RSV. This was scary to go through, but since we caught it early we were able to just treat it with medication and go home.

Before this, I hadn’t even heard of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). I found out all I could, you can check out all about it here:


We were fortunate to not have a severe case. Being proactive this season is the only preventative you can do. Especially if your baby was born prematurely. Premature births are more at risk because their lungs were not fully functioning. But all children are susceptible to getting RSV.


We have learned steps to protect our little one for this season, including washing hands regularly and keeping toys sanitized. We are working hard to make sure not to go through this again this year. I even checked to make sure these are also followed up at daycare as a preventative measure.

 Check out more information here: http://bit.ly/2bvRxSm

 It is better to be aware and prepared than to be shocked like we were.

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  1. My kids just got diagnosed with that. They are 2 and 4… the only thing the doctor said we could do was ride it out and give them a couple puffs of an inhaler if their cough gets really bad. 🙁 At least they are acting like their normal self and just have the cough. I cant imaging how it would be for a itty bitty baby with little to no immune system at that point.

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