Ozeri Aresio Electric Grinder Set & Piezoelectric Stove Lighter Review

Ozeri Aresio Electric Grinder Set


I am so intrigued by new gadgets and was thrilled when I got the Ozeri Artesio electric grinder set, and the Ozeri piezoelectric stove lighter. So let’s start with the Artesio Electric Grinder Set. I was in love with this product from the moment I saw it. My parents always had an electric salt and pepper grinder set at our table as I grew up so I might be a little prejudiced when it comes to electric grinding sets. They are the best if you do not have one you NEED one. It is very kid-friendly, my three-year-old grandson uses it almost every time we sit down for dinner. The electric salt and pepper grinder have an effortless button that you can press to dispense with the salt and pepper. Not only is it family-friendly, but it also looks extremely professional sitting on our dining room table. I receive so many compliments when I have company over for dinner. I’ve had quite a few of them express to me they feel as if they are at a high-dollar restaurant with my fancy technology. I, of course, completely agree with them. These salt and pepper grinders are a must need for every household.

Ozeri Aresio Electric Grinder Set


Now about my Ozeri piezoelectric stove lighter, I was a little skeptical (but who isn’t when buying something new?). This stove lighter does not need gas, batteries, matches, or flint!! It’s like magic with the flick of your hand. You will need to position the tip of the lighter next to a gas stove, then squeeze the handle of the lighter to press the trigger and ignite. This might take a couple of tries for certain types of stoves, however, I have never had a problem with it. My husband has not put this lighter down. I have come to find out my household could not exist without this lighter. Beware, you or your husband will fall in love.

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