Digital Flat Iron Hair Straightener #isaprofessional

This post is brought to you by ISA Professional and Reviews by Kathy.

I recently got a new hairstyle cut and color as an early Christmas gift to me….from me! My new hairstyle requires me to straighten the body out of my hair in order for it to look amazing though. I have never used a straightening iron before this cut and was very wary of them ever since I saw a video of a girl whose hair came out with the flat iron…OMGosh I told myself right then, they weren’t for me! But my hairstylist assured me that with a high-quality iron and the right heat protectant, my hair would look soft, silky, and amazing! I read many reviews and finally decided on the ISA Professional Digital Flat iron Hair Straightener.

If silky smooth hair is the ultimate achievement for your hair, then you are going to love this flat iron hair straightener! The solid tourmaline ceramic plates protect your hair and leave it silky smooth! Tourmaline ceramic is definitely the way to go! Digital temperature control makes sure the temperature is set precisely for YOUR hair. No more 1 to 10 temperature adjuster, too cold one moment, too hot the next. Temperature will be displayed precisely for maximum results!

The heating plates are made from 100% solid ceramic which allows you to achieve salon-quality hair straightening in the comfort of your own home! Ceramic plates transfer the heat faster and more evenly than metal or ceramic-coated plates do. It has a neon background LCD display that even I can see without my glasses. With the digital temperature control, you can set the temperature between 175 to 450 Fahrenheit. It straightens my hair perfectly without leaving flyaways and leaves my hair feeling soft, silky, and smooth! My daughter has been using it to create those adorable beachy waves that are so popular these days.

The no-tangle cord rotates 360 degrees and it does come with an auto shut off safety feature after 45 minutes, which is great for someone who tends to forget things quite often! It is also backed by a full 2-year warranty so what are you waiting for? Head on over to ISA Professional to purchase this amazing ceramic flat iron today!

Stuff4Tots Crib Mattress Pad

Stuff4Tots Crib Mattress Pad

My grandson would wake up in middle of the night wet until we received this crib mattress pad. I love how this mattress pad absorbs the wetness and keeps the mattress dry. Even if he wets through his diaper we don’t have to worry about him sleeping in the moisture.

This pad is so soft and made of 100% cotton. You can throw it in the washing machine and dryer and use it again. It fits perfectly and is thicker than my old one.

Our mattress is a little thicker than the usual ones so it was hard to find a good fit, this works perfect. If you have a baby shower coming up or a new one on the way I recommend check it out, you won’t be disappointed!!

Product Description:

This mattress cover has a soft, breathable inner layer. Air moves through easily, so baby doesn’t get hot. The cover is hypoallergenic, which protects baby’s skin against bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. Baby will sleep in a clean, hygienic environment.

Check it out here:  Stuff4Tots Crib Mattress Pad


How to be a Real Estate Investor by Phil Pustejovsky

This post is brought to you by Freedom Mentor and Reviews by Kathy.
My daughter recently received her real estate license and has been filling us in on many of the things she has learned along the way. We live in Texas and the small town that we reside in has several nice houses that have been on the market for quite some time that have caught our eyes more than once! Since I am selling my store so I can retire early, my husband and I have seriously been thinking about learning how to become real estate investors. But before we take that huge risk we knew we needed coaching and our daughter pointed us straight towards Phil Pustejovsky.

Phil Pustejovsky is North America’s leading real estate mentor, the best selling author of “How to be a Real Estate Investor“, an extremely successful investor and the founder of Freedom Mentor, the most result producing real estate mentoring company ever created! We recently received this book and have been reading it together every evening after dinner. This paperback book is almost 200 pages packed full of the information needed to learn how you can make fast cash and build wealth investing in the real estate market.

One of our biggest concerns about getting into this lucrative business was the fact that we would not have much cash up front, but learned quickly on from reading the book that we could actually buy and sell real estate without cash or credit! After all the author, Phil Pustejovsky, went from homeless to rich just from selling real estate! That is such an incredible feat and I cannot wait for us to finish this book so we can learn how to become financially free going into our future using the power of real estate investing!

In addition to covering every aspect possible, the book also has special sections giving you real world examples and also sections offering wisdom keys. If you have ever considered getting into the real estate market you need to go buy this book first. Take the time to read over it carefully and learn everything in it. I am so thankful our daughter pointed us in the right direction. After all, why wouldn’t one want to learn from a veteran investor with 1,000s of deals under his belt?? You can find the book, “How to be a Real Estate Investor” and read the many reviews on the Freedom Mentor website.

Artisan Griller Pit Gloves #Pitgloves

This post is brought to you by Artisan Griller and Reviews by Kathy.

My hubby is the main cook around our house. I own my own store, which means I open it up and close it down in the late afternoon. By the time I get home, cooking is the last thing I want to do! He is an amazing cook, but he rocks as a grill master! We eat grilled food at least 4 or more times each week. I recently received a pair of Artisan Griller pit gloves for him to use while grilling.

What I love about the gloves, is the fact that he can actually turn the meat right on the grill, grab it and even pull the Boston butts for his famous pulled bbq! They have a jersey cotton liner inside, while the outside is constructed of a neoprene coating that actually resists melting and burning to protect his hands from heat, grease, oil, water, fire, and stains. The neoprene coating is also waterproof and offers better insulation and protection from heat as well as being more resistant to fire.

My hubby loves the textured exterior called Que-Grab because he never has to worry about the meat slipping from his hands. It also comes in very handy with placing logs into the fire pit. They are made long enough to protect not only your hands, but your forearms as well. He is able to adjust the racks in the grill and smoker with ease. Cleaning the gloves was as easy as wiping them down with a wet cloth. They are not tight-fitting gloves at all making them easy to slip on and off.

These gloves would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves to grill! You can find the Artisan Griller pit gloves on Amazon with free Prime shipping!

2-in-1 Nursing Cover and Car-seat Canopy

2-in-1 Nursing Cover and Carseat Canopy

We have been blessed with two grandsons so far and one on the way. My daughter in law and daughter both breast feed. We feel in love with this nursing cover and car seat cover. As expensive as babies you get two items for one price with this cover. It is light weight enough to put it over the car seat to keep those bugs and sun off your little one, yet light and breathable enough to keep the baby from getting to hot.

This attaches securely to the car seat and is well made. It is safe enough to keep those bad germs off your baby when you do have to go out in public. When you are out and the baby needs to eat you can always transfer the car seat cover to a nursing cover. It is big enough to cover with out having to worry about flashing anything!


This would make an awesome baby gift for that new mom!! Check it out here:

Click Here!!

Pastry Mat with Measurements

Pastry Mat with Measurements

I love my new pastry mat. The measurements and information on the mat is so nice! I use it to make cookies with my grandson. We have a blast and the clean-up is so amazingly fast. I love that all of the information I need is right there because I can not turn my back on my grandson while making these. He loves to help and that includes sampling!

I love how with a little flour the mix comes off so easily. I was able to have to use the cookie designs and still have an easy clean-up. This is so much easier than my old one. It also helps you with measurements on the size of the item you are making. We made a mommy, daddy, and baby cookie using the sizes!


If you are a baker and love to make cookies and pies you need to check this out!!

Click Here


Wooden Baby Swing

Wooden Baby Swing

I received this swing and within an hour was able to get it hung up and ready to try out! It was super easy to hang already put together, which I loved. This swing is a classic fits my grandsons perfectly. I was surprised at how well built it is and how thick the rope is. This is a fun swing for the kids and so safe. I don’t have to worry about them falling out because the bar is all the way around them. So no matter how crazy they get, they won’t fall off. Here is a preview of my oldest grandson’s first swing. Needless to say that smile says it all!

You can get it from Amazon, check it out:    Click here

We hung this swing a little lower than the normal swing so if they were to have an accident getting in and out of the swing they would have far to fall. Love the classic look of this swing and the many details. You won’t be disappointed!


Somnis Natural Sleep Aid

Somnis Natural Sleep Aid

I am one of those people who has a hard time stopping at night I work had all day and have several things going on at one time all day long. I guess I was mad like that because I have noticed even when I try and sit my legs keep moving. They do the same at night when I finally lay down at night I feel like my body is extremely exhausted but my mind, eyes and legs can not shut down.

This has been a problem for me for a long time. This is why I was excited to give the Sominis natural sleep aid a try. I loved the idea that it was all natural because I hate taking medicine and fight it as long as I can. I started taking these about a week ago and immediately could tell my sleeping habit has changed. After I take it I wait about 15 minutes and lay down, I feel relaxed, not like in a daze, but more like in a relaxed state. My legs don’t jump and my eyes start to close quickly.

I can’t tell you how happy my husband it because I keep him up tossing and turning so much. I love how I feel in the morning, completely rested with no drowsy feeling. Check this out here, if you have trouble sleeping you will love it:

Somnis Natural Sleep Aid


Santamedical Mini Penguin Massager

Santamedical Mini Penguin Massager

Although we have a king size bed I always wake up on the edge between my husband and my dog I always get pushed to the edge. The dog is a small dachshund so there is no reason other than they are both bed hogs! Needless to say I wake up to a neck crick and aching shoulders almost every morning! I usually have to take pain medicine every morning. This massager has been a life saver. I use it in the mornings to losing up my tight muscles. It works amazing, I am able to get those kinks out without medicating myself.

This massager has two speeds low and high. I usually only need the low speed. It has a lot of power in a small hand held item. It is light weight and fits in my hand perfect. I love how quick it works! Check it out here:

Santamedical Mini Penguin Massager

Product Description

Santamedical sleek mini penguin massager delivers a steady, relaxing massage to tired muscles. your neck, shoulders and face will sigh with relief when you sooth them with the Santamedical mini penguin. The mini penguin’s small size is perfect for a woman’s hand but powerful enough to bring relief to the tightest muscles. mini penguin massager come in white color. A perfect gift!Santamedical sleek mini penguin massager delivers a steady, relaxing massage to tired muscles. Your neck, shoulders and face will sigh with relief when you sooth them with the Santamedical mini penguin. the mini penguin’s small size is perfect for a woman’s hand but powerful enough to bring relief to the tightest muscles. mini penguin massager come in white color.

The Cube Game Block Review

The Cube

The cube is a little smaller than the old cube, the movements are so much smoother, and are well made. I love trying my luck with this game and end up spending an endless amount of time playing. I leave it on my coffee table and love waiting to see how long till someone picks it up and starts playing. I for one can’t resist!

The package is cute and it is so well made. It fits nicely in your hand while playing it. It is fun to introduce my grandchildren to a game that I played as a child. This cube is better quality and a lot easier to maneuver which is nice for their small hands.

Check it out:


Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse Detox

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse Detox

I have an extremely sensitive tummy! I have to be careful when eating or trying a new medicine. This pill was amazing for me. It worked immediately and helped me jump-start my healthy eating and lose weight! It helped rid my body of all those nasty poisons and give me a boost of energy. But not like those other pills, this one didn’t make me jittery. #justifiedlabs

Product Description

All Justified Laboratories products are made in the U.S.A. under the highest quality laboratory conditions. We also follow strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and each supplement is precisely analyzed to guarantee the highest quality and purity. Our facilities uphold strict standards and are in compliance with all FDA rules and regulations. Our proprietary formula of Detox Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse is manufactured using all-natural ingredients and makes you look and feel great! This product is a purifying cleanser that removes waste matter from the digestive tract. This waste can accumulate in the human body over a period of years. Our proprietary formula leaves you feeling healthy and fresh. In addition to Green Coffee Bean Extract, this product contains ingredients including Fennel Seed, Cascara Sagrada, Ginger Goldenseal, Pumpkin Seed, Buckthorne Root, Licorice Root, Rhubarb, Citrus Pectin, Acidophilus, Cape Aloe, Bentonite Clay, Aloe Vera, Cayenne Pepper, Senna, Oat Bran, Prune Juice and Flax Seed Oil, ingredients that support effective cleansing and detoxification.

You can check it out here:

Luxury Bath Brush

Luxury Bath Brush

As a busy store owner, I very seldom have time for myself, so when I do get a few I like to take a relaxing bubble bath. I never realized what I was missing until I received the body brush. I am in heaven now and plotting was to shave enough time to soak in the tub! This brush feels wonderful on my back not too stiff and not too soft. It is well made and after each use looks and feels brand new.

Product Description

  • SPA QUALITY BODY BRUSH- Made to provide you with that luxury feel every time you brush.
    100% NATURAL BRISTLES- To ensure a truly organic brushing experience. These bristles are firm enough to feel yet gentle enough for your beautiful skin.
    DETOXIFY-As your body’s natural cleansing systems are activated through regular use.
    A Must-Have for Cellulite Reduction, Skin Exfoliation, Natural Detox, and More.
    SMOOTHER, MORE RADIANT SKIN- As you brush daily you will find that you not only start to look but also feel more youthful and energetic.

If you are looking for an at-home product that looks and feels like you are in a spa then check it out! #drybrushing


Omega-3 Supreme 1400mg Fish Oil with +75% Omega-3


Omega-3 Supreme 1400mg Fish Oil with +75% Omega-3

Getting older has not been fun. I really never appreciated my youth like I do now. I was carefree and didn’t have to be tied down to anything especially pills. The older I get the more I realize how lucky I was. I now have to take medicine all the time. This is why I was excited to find the Omega Fish Oil, it helps  with a few different medications so I only have to take one! I have seen a change in several factors especially my high cholesterol. This pill has been amazing and none of that nasty fish oil after taste!!

Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme Advantage 
○ Highly concentrated and pure, pharmaceutical grade (above 75% Omega-3)
○ 644/336 EPA/DHA levels (Meeting GOED standards).
○ Fish Oil concentrate made from IFOS 5-star certified fish oils (raw material).
○ Contains the minimum recommended 1,000 mg (1g) of Omega-3s per serving.
○ Sourced from wild Alaskan caught Pollock. Sustainable and certified operation by MSC.
○ USA Manufactured and laboratory tested in FDA, GMP, NSF certified facilities.
○ Molecularly distilled, clean refined and tested. ○ Easy to swallow soft gelatin capsules.
○ Enteric coated for max absorption and no fish burps.

These are just a few of the wonder attributes this pill offers! Check them out here:

If you are needing the perfect pill to help with all your illnesses, this is the go to one! #lifefood

Dr Song Hyaluronic Acid Review

My favorite products to review would have to be beauty products! I just love, love, love the opportunity to try out new and unique beauty products! I am always on the lookout for products that can help reduce my fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving my skin tone. One company that I have worked with several times in the past, Dr Song, has so many amazing products and I have been fortunate to try many of them! Several have become my personal favorites and have a permanent spot in my beauty basket!

I was recently invited to try out the Dr Song Hyaluronic Acid plus Vitamin C Serum and, as usual, I was not disappointed! We are all born with hyaluronic acid, but as we age the amount we have starts to decrease and can leave our skin dry, uneven and we will begin to get those dreaded wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid plus vitamin C serum will hydrate and soften your skin and can also start diminishing those fine lines and wrinkles.

It comes in a full 4 ounces and in a gorgeous blue glass bottle! I really love the included dropper which allows me to dispense just enough serum without wasting any.This serum is amazingly light and non-greasy and dries very quickly which is great for a person like me who doesn’t have much time in the morning for a long beauty routine. I allow it to dry, apply a moisturizer and finish off with my makeup. I also use this in the evening before I retire for the night.

A little bit of this serum goes a very long way, so this size bottle will certainly last a long time! You can also use the Dr Song hyaluronic acid plus vitamin C serum anywhere that your skin is dry and needs more hydration. I actually use it on my hands and feet as well! Since I started using the serum, I have noticed my skin tone seems to be a lot more even and my complexion looks so healthy! I no longer have those dry patches on my face that I normally have, especially in this colder weather.

Dr Song Hyaluronic Acid comes with a 365 day, no hassle, money back guarantee and is made in an FDA compliant cosmetic laboratory, right here in the USA! You can find the Dr Song hyaluronic acid plus vitamin C serum on Amazon for only $19.99!

Kiss Me Organic Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Matcha Review

I was recently invited by Kiss Me Organics to review their Organic Ceremonial Green Tea Matcha in exchange of an honest review. Okay in all honesty, I have grabbed a green tea here and there in the convenience stores and I really liked those! But what I received was nothing like the green tea in the bottles I was used to drinking! Instead, I received a cute little tin with a green tea powder inside!

Turns out green tea matcha is made from the entire leaf of the tea plant. It has up to 137 times the antioxidants of brewed green tea. Consuming the entire leaf provides your body and mind with the a maximum concentration of Polyphenols and EGCG. Green Tea Matcha can also:

  • Provide you with mild steady energy
  • Provides a metabolism boost
  • Helps improve skin health

Kiss Me Organics will also send you a recipe book in which you can also use the green tea matcha in addition to drinking it in hot water. Drinking it in hot water took me a little while to get use to because it is a lot different from the brewed green tea that I was use to. However, I love to use it in my smoothies and cannot even tell it is in there! I usually drink a smoothie on my way to work each morning. I tried one in the evening, but it kept me up a little longer than I wanted so I decided to only have one early in the day!

I can really tell a huge difference in my energy level during the day from the green tea matcha. I am resting so much better at night and it seems to just provide me with a sense of calmness. With my hectic lifestyle, this is just what I needed! If you would like to try it for yourself, you can find the Kiss Me Organics Green Tea Matcha on Amazon.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Dr Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Review

My dream finally came true when I was able to quit my teaching job back in October to open my own teacher supply store. I actually purchased the store from a lady who was ready to retire and I have been non-stop ever since. I wake up super early to drive the one-hour trip to get there and come home late every night. Thankfully, I have a husband who can cook and does not mind helping out with the cleaning! I know it won’t always be this way, but the store really needed a lot of attention and I am in for the long haul!

Coffee has been my best friend and has gotten me through many mid-day slumps when my energy level died. I drink a lot of coffee, which helps me to keep going, but it is taking its toll on my teeth. Coffee stains can make your teeth look yellowish-brown and there is nothing attractive about that! Thank goodness Dr. Song invited me to review their professional teeth whitening kit! This came at the perfect time with the Holidays all upon us!

Dr. Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit contains 44% Carbamide Peroxide! This is a maximum strength kit, just like the dentists use, but can all be done in the privacy of your own home!

Included in the kit are:
• 8 large syringes of whitening gel – good for 50 applications
• 1 large remineralization gel syringe
• gel applicator brush – for easy application of whitening gel
• LED Blue Light Accelerator – for the acceleration of the whitening process
• moldable teeth trays

This kit is so easy to use. You simply follow the directions to mold the teeth whitening trays and you are ready to start the whitening treatments! Thankfully I get up extra early each morning and I do my treatments during this time, while I am showering and getting ready for work! You can use them between 15 minutes up to 4 hours depending on the strength of treatment needed. I have not had the first single issue with sensitivity, which is a huge plus for me! I love the  LED light which you can place over the trays to speed the whitening process up. I do this while I am styling my hair each day! This whitening process really works quickly and my teeth are already several shades whiter!

You can find the Dr. Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit on Amazon.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Hello World!!


After a little over a year of having a successful review site, I recently went through a dreaded nightmare of waking up and realizing it was gone. Apparently all of E-Rice sites are gone. I was very upset about losing it but decided that I miss it too much just to quit.

So Thanks to my sisters Terri @  and Vicki @   I am up and running again. What they don’t realize is how important they are to me and I couldn’t have gone through my loss without them. You see we all three lost our sites. They have had their far longer than I had so after many tears an anger I realized since they have lost way more than I have and they can pick their heads up and move on, then I can too!!

So here I am starting over and feeling great about being back.

I am a mother of 3 and a Mimi to 2 amazing baby boys. I own and operate a teacher supply store and married to a wonderful man (most of the time). I have an amazing blogging support with my two awesome sisters and overall love reviewing products.

So it is time to say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new

Stay tuned for all of my giveaways and reviews coming soon!!