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We have all boys in our family, I was so excited to hear about#pamperseasyups since we are fixing to start potty training. Charlie loves Thomas the Train so this is a bonus to get him to wear them! Here is some great information for anyone who is fixing to start potty training.

Pampers is launching one of the biggest innovations in training pants in years: the new
and improved Pampers® Easy Ups™ Training Underwear – a product designed to help
little ones and their families during their “Underwear Training” journey.

*New Pampers Easy Ups are the easiest way to underwear! They look, fit, and feel like
real underwear while providing the leak protection you’d expect from Pampers. Little
ones will think it’s underwear, but you’ll know it’s Pampers.

*In a recent survey, Pampers found that nearly 100 percent (93%) of parents who use
training pants for their child think it’s important for training pants to feel more like
underwear, and one third (34%) of parents wish their child’s training pants didn’t leak so

*New Pampers Easy Ups have a 360° stretchy waistband for an underwear-like fit that’s
easy for your toddler to pull up and down. Easy Ups are super soft, like cotton
underwear, to keep your toddler comfortable. Easy Ups also tear easily at the sides just
in case it’s needed.

*Easy Ups are the only training underwear with Pampers exclusive Extra Absorb
Channels™, which provide outstanding protection against leaks during the day AND
night. Dual Leak-Guard Barriers™ around the legs help prevent the leaks that can
happen when they are on the move.

* Transitioning into underwear is a big deal for every toddler! While the result is
rewarding, the road to getting there can be full of challenges for parents and kids alike.
Pampers Easy Ups’ new product features are designed to help make the process of
graduating from diapers to underwear is easier and more fun!

* While “potty training” is often the end goal that parents and children look forward to,
Pampers wants to highlight and celebrate the milestone of little ones and their families
moving from diapers to underwear, called “underwear training.”

* The Thomas the Engine™ and Dora the Explorer™ designs on Easy Ups help make potty
training fun for both boys and girls. Also, Easy Ups is now rolling out new Hello Kitty™

*Pampers is offering a coupon that you can print at home for $2 off 1 pack of new
Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants. Help make the potty training process easy and more
affordable with this high-value coupon. Here’s how to save:
o You can clip the Pampers Easy Ups coupon at:
o You will need to open a account if you do not already have one
o Then you can print, shop, and save – and keep an eye out for more Pampers
coupons in the future!


Secondary Key Messages:
*New Pampers Easy Ups are available nationwide in sizes 2T-3T, 3T-4T, and 4T-5T.

*Visit to learn more about Pampers products, join the Pampers
Rewards program, and find ideas and information to help your baby get the most out of
love, sleep and play.

* For more information, you can also visit Pamper’s social media channels on Facebook
(, Twitter ( and
YouTube (


#PampersEasyUps Instagram Contest Details:

The #PampersEasyUps Instagram Contest will take place from September 19th through September 30th. Entrants will need to post a photo on Instagram that answers the contest call-to-action – “Potty training? Share your biggest success/laugh on your little one’s journey to underwear with #PampersEasyUps” – and use the hashtag #PampersEasyUps for a chance to win a $400 AMEX card.

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