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Ever since there has been civilization, leaders of all kinds have needed professional counsel to aid them in their endeavors. From the early empires of Alexander the Great and Rome to the modern-day giant global economic powerhouses like the UK and Japan, consultants have been in rich supply. Nowadays in politics, they are called special advisors but in all inner circles, whether they be in politics, sports, business, or the armed forces, there are consultants that play the role of close counsel. These figures are far from mysterious as they are sometimes portrayed in drama shows. They are in fact just very, very good at what they do. They are experts in their chosen field, intimately knowledgeable, and run their eyes through an issue like a fine-toothed comb. Becoming such a trusted member of a very senior counsel in a company is a very lucrative attraction. But to be a part of an inner circle in business means you need to walk the walk and talk the talk.


A deeper analysis


You may be scouring the web trying to figure out the difference between an advisor and a consultant. To make things easy for you, the simplest explanation or comparison can be that an advisor is someone whose role is to foreshadow and predict what might happen in the future. They help leaders in business plan out their decisions. A consultant plays a deeper role whereby they examine in finer detail what the current options are for a business. Usually, a consultant is a specialist in a particular subject area such as consumer relationships. While an advisor may paint you a picture of the landscape and what your competitors are doing, a consultant will look at the flaws in your own business such as structure, inefficiencies, and processes. Companies use many advisors to get a full-scale model of what is going on outside their business and give them options to plan for any events that may affect them sooner or later. Consultants, however, are usually contracted to come in and provide their services and vastly improve certain areas of the business that are failing or lacking in some way.


The crystal ball


Business leaders are always jittery, and wouldn’t you be if your name was on the line constantly? Kind of like keeping a finger on the pulse, businesses never ever want to lose the connection they have with consumers. The psychological connection is very difficult to establish and then even maintain. What are consumers thinking, why are they attracted to this but not this and why does it swap every month or so, etc. These questions sound frantic but actually, they are little pieces of the puzzle that constantly need gluing together to form an accurate picture of what the business should be aiming for. An online master’s degree in psychology specifically consumer behavior, would get you one step closer to becoming a consultant. Especially in this day and age, social media, marketing, and research are all areas that businesses are keen on becoming experts in. consultants that specialize in these subjects have a bright future ahead of them as leaders need these voids to be filled with reliable trustworthy voices.


An inner circle


At the top of the achievement list for any consultant is being included in an inner circle. Preferably this would be in an extremely successful and powerful corporation that has a worldwide presence. And even more preferably the consultancy would be a permanent position. What goes on in the inner circles of the world’s top businesses is a thing of mystery almost every single one of us. We all know that this is where the most important decisions are made but what the circle looks like, in terms of structure, people and process is again, subject to speculation. However, as a consultant that specializes in a key area, it’s your job to remain up-to-date with the latest of the latest in that field. Leaders may call you to their office at the drop of a hat, to get your take on a particular issue. They may command from you a report of great detail and ask you to plan out an important part of a restructuring or expansion. It’s a great honor and a very well-paid role to be a consultant in a top 100 company.


Performing as the counsel of the big beasts in the competitive world of trade and business is an amazing and life-changing opportunity. Your responsibilities will be vast but ultimately concentrated. Unlike advisors which give a broad but thorough analysis of the industry and consumer landscape, a consultant will be a specialist in certain sectors of the industry, and their knowledge is second to none.


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