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Living right, eating right and getting healthier are my goals this year. Since retiring I have noticed a gradual weight gain. I decided at the beginning of this year I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle to be around a long time watch my grandkids grow up. This included being more active and even taking up some exercising and walking.


At my age, fixing to turn the big “50”, it is imperative I stay comfy while doing my exercises and walking. This is why I love prAna clothes. They are so soft and stretchable so workouts are a breeze.

Their clothes are shaped to help you look slimmer than you really are!! I love that!! My husband even complimented me when I wore this outfit stating “Have you lost weight?”. NOPE but he doesn’t have to know that!!

Their clothes are the latest fashion for workout clothes and casual wear! They are made so well even after a few washes they still fit and look the same as the day I received them!

When you check out prAna and find those adorable clothes you can’t live without, I have an awesome 15% off code you can use: MOMRBK

What I really loved about them is how true to size they are. Their size chart really helps when placing that order!


  1. What a cute outfit. I’ll have to take advantage of the saving promo code. I’m off to check them out now.

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot about this company. I love the look and quality of their clothes, and I love that they give back!

  3. LOVE THIS! I too want COMFORT but style is nice too and this looks to be the perfect blend of the two elements!

  4. my teen guide says

    prAna specializes in comfortable performance clothing designed to move with you no matter how extreme those moves may be.

  5. this is pure quality and class, and come to think of the discount included, this is such a wonderful way to give out to alot of people, always a good way to get those quality items, bravo.

  6. I need some new workout clothes. Maybe if I feel pretty, I’d want to work out!

  7. I love the style of that shorts, that would be great for summer. The shirt looks so comfortable!

  8. This would be a perfect outfit to workout in. I haven’t tried prana clothes yet. They look super comfy.

  9. I’ve never heard of this company, but I’ll need to look into it! This looks so comfy and anything that makes me look a bit slimmer is a plus

  10. Thank you for the promo code, I will check it out soon! I love comfortable clothes, I live and breath in them, especially if they give a slimming figure haha!

  11. I like the look of the shorts, they seem also very comfy and perfect for walking around on a hot summer’s day. I like the color as well because you can match them with anything.

  12. Looks like it’s great lounge wear! The t-shirt and shorts would be great for super casual hangouts with friends.

  13. Those look to be very comfortable! Perfect for running some errands or hanging around the house.

  14. Anupriya Basu says

    I will have to try this out soon coz I recently started yoga so I am in need of more comfy workout clothing. Plus, I am more of a comfort over fashion kinda person so I jump at the idea of comfy clothing.

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