Pumpkins, Candles, Thick Socks & A Fall Cleaning Checklist

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With fall comes the chance to enjoy coats and jackets, layering of every kind, pumpkin spiced lattes, the book you never finished during the summer, kicking the crisp leaves, and, most importantly of all, preparing your home for all those slow mornings and cozy evenings. Sure, they may be chores, but these seasonal preparations will be well worth it.


So, without further ado, these are the things you need to check off your list this fall:


Window Washing

If you have some glass cleaner kicking about, then great. If not, just pop a quick squirt of washing up liquid in a squirt bottle with some water, spray on your windows and wipe away with a microfibre cloth. As a little tip, do this on a gray day so that you can see the streaks better.


Don’t Forget The Walls

You’ve gone through all the effort to wash-slash-clean the windows – which are by far the trickiest of them all – so you may as well continue on to the walls, getting rid of all those streaks, bits of dirt, and fingerprints. If it is painted or wood-paneled then dust them, wash them, rinse them and dry them.


Care For Your Appliances

The summer has a way of seeing the dust settle almost everywhere you don’t want it to, which makes it your job to care for them this fall. That could mean hiring a contractor for air conditioning repair, it could mean using the vacuum brush attachment to gently dust off and clean your refrigerator coil, and maybe even giving your computer quick spruce by wiping down the keyboard and going over the monitor with a microfibre cloth. It is also worth testing your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.


Your Wooden Floors

There is no better time than fall to have your scratched or dulled wooden floors brought back to life. It could be that you hire a professional service to come in and sand the scuffs before recoating the boards, or maybe you want to completely refinish them. It could even be that you just using a hack to sort the issue out, such as rubbing a walnut onto the scuffed areas, which is supposed to work really well.


Fire It Up

Autumn has brought with a little nip in the air. Nothing that another sweater can’t cure for now, but it won’t be long before you either start up the furnace or light a fire in the living room to keep warm and cozy. First off, the furnace. If you haven’t changed the filter on your furnace for the past three or four months then you need to do this now. As for lighting a fire, before you do this you need to have your flues and chimneys properly inspected and maybe even swept.


No More Drafts

Nothing can ruin a warm evening in front of the television quite as much as a cold and noisy draft, which is why we recommend you check your doors and windows for any leaks or gaps, and then address the problem areas with caulking and weatherstripping.


Voila, your home is ready for fall and winter and all the joys that follow.

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