QuartzClinical Launches Cloud Based Healthcare Data Analytics

I am so excited about this, did you hear? QuartzClinical is a cloud-based healthcare data analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to deliver meaningful results for hospitals.

The goal is to help hospitals provide better quality healthcare at a lower cost and also QuartzClinical is leading a seismic shift in how hospitals operate. They help identify opportunities for improvement through dynamic dashboards, detailed benchmarking, highly accurate predictive analytics, and prioritizing the opportunities that will lead to the greatest impact for a hospital system. Their sophisticated platform incorporates lean and six sigma tools and project management tools to help hospitals automate their performance improvement opportunities. Our product has achieved worldwide recognition for its highly accurate predictive analytics that leverages big data and advanced machine learning.

They can predict which patient is likely to be readmitted to the hospital with an accuracy of 80% – that’s unheard of in medicine and represents a real change to how hospitals function. QuartzClinical is affordable to even small hospitals since we use a reasonable sliding scale and do not have per-user charges. Our goal is to create a seismic transformation in healthcare so that the world can become a better place. They also partner with hospitals to help them deliver better healthcare at a lower cost.

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