Qurb Shot – Curb Your Hunger Review

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It’s no secret I have been trying to shed a few pounds over the past year, but between running my own store and getting home late every night, the last thing I want to do is try to count calories, or better yet go walking after I have been on my feet for 14 or so hours straight. I know in order to lose weight I need to eat fewer calories and exercise, but that can be tough these days, especially with those like me who live very hectic lifestyles.

That is why I chose Qurb Shot, a dietary supplement drink, to aid in my weight loss. Qurb Shot was developed for people, just like me, who either have lost their willpower or simply don’t have the time or energy to focus on weight loss. Qurb Shot is a convenient, effective way to help reduce hunger and slim down while giving you the energy boost you need…..all without the jitters that we do not need! When you take them with meals, they can help you to feel fuller which aids in portion control. The best part is there is no mixing…..Qurb Shot comes in a 3 oz bottle, ready to drink and the small size makes it completely portable for your purse, car pocket, laptop bag, etc. They had me hooked at 20 calories *Big Grin*.

So what’s in Qurb Shot? Glad you asked!

• 10g of fiber
• 400mg Green coffee bean extract
• 100%- B6 and B12 Vitamins
• Energy boost*
• Only 20 Calories – all from the fiber
• Sweetened with all natural Stevia!
• No artificial colors
• Gluten-free

Fiber will make you feel longer and has so many health benefits! For appetite suppression, take one full bottle with meals or 30 minutes before meals. To support weight loss take 1/2 bottle twice daily. For more support, take 2 bottles twice daily. It has a light fruity flavor and I really love that it’s not sweet tasting. I’m taking the 2 monthly Qurb Shot challenge to see how much weight I can lose and one of my lucky readers will have the opportunity to win

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