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My son is a gamer. I use to think he shouldn’t play the game so much, now I realize how blessed I really am. Due to his gaming and ability to talk to people all over the world, he became interested in traveling.

His favorite is the Recon Chat for his PS4, he would spend time talking to others from all over and decided after graduation he wanted to travel the world so he joined the Navy. I have an amazing code to use C8C77LR7 to sign up for 6 months of premium Dashlane! So don’t miss out!!

He continued his love of gaming and continued using his PS4 and Turtle Beach Recon Chat even while serving our country. He loves how easy it is to use, the convenience and fit of the Recon Chat is by far the best. He was able to pack it and take it all over the world with him since it’s light weight and small enough.

Fortunately, he is home now after serving his 4 years and is now in college for Engineering and yes, he still loves gaming. He still chats with others during his games and still hears his game effects with no problems. He wears glasses and says this set is awesome in that it doesn’t push on his glasses. His passion for gaming has made him realize the importance of having the best and most comfortable equipment, that is why this Recon Chat is his favorite.

He didn’t even realize how much better made this new Recon Chat was until he tried it! You can even find it for the Xbox One! He said it fits over his glasses and his ears and that helps the comfort.

Turtle Beach is by far the leader in the console of gaming headsets, after trying many others, this by far is his favorite!

Now for the fun part, if you like gaming or know someone who does, check out this amazing giveaway and don’t forget to share it! You can have the opportunity to win the PS4 or XBOX Recon Chat from Turtle Beach!!

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I received this product for review purposes from Blog Meets Brand, this is a sponsored post, although this is 100% of my own opinion.



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