How to Reduce Stress While Moving Residences

Moving is one of the most stress-inducing activities that adult life has to offer. Not only do have to go through the process of finding your new dream home but if you are moving into a home that you plan on remodeling, you have to find a remodeling contractor and take out a home improvement loan. In addition to the financial concerns associated with a move, maybe you’ve also got other issues going on in your life like needing to hire a personal injury lawyer. Then, on top of it all, you have to pack all the belongings from your current residence!


However, the stress should not be a deterrent in your pursuit of a change of scene. A change of scene is a very exciting prospect, and it is possible to amplify this excitement while diminishing the stress that comes with the task. By considering these 3 simple steps, your move will be as easygoing as packing for a picnic.

  1. Make a Schedule


One of the major stressors that come with an attempted move is the overbearing, omnipresent nature that preparation takes into your everyday life. With an entire lifetime of objects to sort through, pack, and emotionally part with, the various aspects of the move will start to creep into every waking minute of your life. With no end in sight, this may turn all the excitement of the move into a cumbersome burden.


This is not, however, an unavoidable fate! This stress can be easily resolved by clearly planning the time you dedicate to the move and sticking to it. Plan to dedicate a specific hour or two to packing boxes. Once that time is up, stop packing! Go eat a snack, read a book, get other work done, or just do something you want to do!


By strictly scheduling your moving-prep time in this way, you will make sure that the stress of the move does not take over your life. Much in the way you are sorting your things into boxes, sort your time into boxes! This will also likely help to maximize the efficiency of the time you set aside for organization and packing.

    2. One Room at a Time


When the 1000 pieces of a new puzzle are scattered around on the floor, the prospect of putting them all together can be incredibly daunting. However, once you find a few corner pieces and begin to put together one section at a time, the impossible task suddenly seems incredibly manageable.


This is the exact mentality that should be applied to packing a house before a move. The thought of fitting every room in your house into a seemingly small collection of boxes is an incredibly stressful prospect. If you instead focus intently on packing one room at a time, accomplishing the task at hand seems like a far more reasonable reality.


Decide which room you are going to dedicate time to packing. Once you make this decision, go into that room and think about that room as if it is the only room you need to pack. Although it involves a little bit of self-deceit, this small white lie that you tell your brain allows you to see your end goal and approach it confidently.


The new tangibility of the end goal will relieve great amounts of stress from the packing process and allow you more free time and clear headspace to focus on the joy of going somewhere new.

     3. Yes, No, Maybe


Objects have an incredibly sneaky way of accumulating over time. While it may seem harmless when you are staying stagnant in one place, the version of you that is preparing for a move is seeing the error of your past ways. From valuable objects hidden in layers of trash to junk that you have formed a sentimental attachment to, sorting through what is coming with you and what is not can be the most emotionally trying aspect of a pending move. Of course, you don’t want to get rid of essentials like your dreamy Nectar mattress, or your fancy new Tissot watch, but do you need that box of receipts from the last 10 years that you always kept on hand “just in case”?


The stress comes from persistent overthinking, and, therefore, your stress will be greatly relieved if you give yourself permission and the ability to trust your instincts. This is a mission easier said than done. The best way to access your instinct is by making three distinct packing piles: Yes, No, and Maybe.


In whatever room of the house you are in, determine which side of the room will serve as the “Yes” side, which side of the room will serve as the “No” side, and which area of the room will be the “Maybe” area. When you pick up each item in the room you are currently conquering, quickly take the object and throw it into one of the designated sides of the room. Put things like your must-have facial mask in the yes pile since you’ll still need it once you move, and put other non-essentials in the maybe or no piles.


Of course, you can switch objects from one pile to another once you refine the packing process. However, this will serve to give you an excellent head start and may make it easier for you to part with some objects you would have wasted large amounts of time struggling to part with.


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