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Refresh Your Bathroom With These Décor Ideas

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Bathroom décor has come a long way. Some of the trends of yesteryear such as colored fixtures and carpets have thankfully been abandoned. In order to keep your bathroom looking fresh for years to come it could be worth investing in a few ultramodern features that homeowners are currently going crazy for. Here are just a few upgrades worth considering.


Heat things ups


There’s no reason to have a cold bathroom anymore. Modern bathrooms are making ample use of heating. Rather than having a radiator, modern bathrooms are embracing heated towel racks that help to keep towels dry. To counter water spillages on the floor (and to ease the comfort on the feet after getting out of the bath), modern bathrooms are also making use of underfloor heating. On top of this, some people may want to look into their means of heating up water. Thermostatic showers, for example, can keep a steady temperature so that it doesn’t suddenly turn cold the moment someone uses the kitchen sink downstairs.

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Freshen up your fixtures


Bathroom fixture trends have also evolved hugely. The trend of having a bath against the wall is no longer favored – homeowners have been returning to freestanding baths. Consider installing a modern standalone tub if you have space. As for the shower, consider having a separate walk-in shower unit. Walk-in showers are now hugely popular, providing more comfort than a bathtub.


Maximize your mirrors


A bathroom is a place where people want to be able to see themselves for shaving and removing make-up. Most people settle for a small mirror above the sink or plated onto a bathroom cabinet, but it could be worth considering an entire floor-to-ceiling mirror. Large mirrors can help to provide the illusion of space to a poky bathroom, whilst also letting in more sunlight. Mirrors may eventually get mottled over time so keep them polished up.


Embrace wood and stone


Too much plastic might be making your bathroom feel clinical. Modern bathrooms are doing away with plastic and embracing more wood and concrete. This could include a concrete bathroom countertop and a wooden toilet roll holder and a toilet seat. Use woods that are waterproof and unlikely to get damaged. These can be painted white using a glossy color or a whitewashed effect.


Use less color


Monochrome bathrooms are in. Whites and greys are clean colors that can help to make the room feel fresher and more hygienic. If you’ve got gaudy green tiles or a bright red toilet seat, consider opting for more neutral alternatives. Pops of color can sometimes work such as a matching mint green bathroom mat and towels. What you don’t want are brightly colored fixtures and walls.

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Grow tropical plants


Plants can help to bring a touch of nature to your bathroom. Tropical plants are particularly suited to the conditions of this room – they thrive in humidity and low levels of sunlight. Some plants to consider include aloe vera and peace lily. You can also consider fragrant-smelling plants such as orchids that are great for masking bad bathroom smells and keeping a naturally fresh aroma. Plants are best placed in pots near a window.


Improve your water flow


One of the biggest changes that modern bathrooms are seeing is the type of water flow. Water pressure can now be more easily controlled. A power shower is worth upgrading to if you haven’t got one already, maintaining a constant pressure that isn’t affected by other appliances. Some homeowners have even taken steps to install multiple shower heads for different types of water flow – a large overhead shower head that rains down water gently and an extendable showerhead that’s more powerful. Modern bathroom taps also have improved water pressure. You could even consider a waterfall tap for something a little funky. As for your toilet, this too can be upgraded. Modern toilets have multi-flush options which can help to conserve water. They may also have cisterns that fill up more quickly.

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