Repair Don’t Replace! Making an Old Kitchen Feel New

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The kitchen is such an important room in the home- there’s the reason it’s one of the main area buyers focus on when looking for a new property. Not only is it very well used (so space needs to be right) but it’s expensive to replace, with most kitchen renovations running into many thousands. If you’ve recently bought a home but hate the kitchen or are planning on putting your home on the market, you’ll be pleased to know that there are things you can do that don’t involve spending a whole lot of money or starting from scratch. Here are a few ideas!


Keep The Sink, But Switch Up The Taps

A shabby or outdated tap is a quick way to bring down the overall look of the kitchen. You don’t even need to replace the entire sink, simply having a new tap fitted can make the area look new. Go with something shiny and new, it doesn’t have to be majorly expensive but the new fixture will certainly make a huge difference. If you’re handy at DIY you might be able to fit this yourself using an online guide (always be sure to turn the water supply off first!) otherwise it’s a quick and easy job for a plumber to.


Keep The Tile Flooring, But Have Vinyl Fitted Over The Top

Ceramic or stone tiles are a fantastic choice in the kitchen- they’re long lasting and easy to clean. However, over time they can start to look worn. Things dropped on the floor might smash, chip or crack them. Since they’re so long lasting, you might find the design or color looks outdated. Instead of spending a fortune on new ceramic tiles, having vinyl fitted is a cheap alternative. It can usually be laid right over the top and is a quick way to totally freshen up space. You can transform your color scheme or hide a damaged or old fashioned floor underneath.

Keep The Appliances, But Have Them Repaired

Washing machines can cost many hundreds of pounds each. If they’ve stopped working or aren’t working as well as they once were, instead of replacing look into having them repaired instead. There are plenty of specialist companies out there so you won’t struggle to find one for your specific appliance. Whether you’re looking for Sub Zero refrigerator repair or Hotpoint washing machine repair you’re bound to find one in your local area. Otherwise, contact a general appliance repair company and see what they’re able to do.


Paint the Walls To Create The Illusion of More Space

Finally, an incredibly cheap and easy fix would simply be to paint the walls. Getting rid of greasy marks and stains, and updating with a fresh new shade can completely transform the space. Go with something light and bright- white or light neutrals work well in the kitchen. That way you maximize the natural light and help everywhere feel more spacious.


What other ways do you think you could transform an old kitchen to look new?




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