Residential Garage Door Installation in Tempe: What to Expect


If you’re living in Tempe and you’ve recently purchased a new garage door, you’re might be wondering what to expect during the garage door installation. Finding the right garage door for your home was not easy after all, so you’ll want to have the best installation experience possible.


While garage door technicians are trained to install garage doors efficiently, you can still do a few things to help the process run smoother. In collaboration with NationServe, garage doors specialists with 18 locations across America, including Tempe and Houston, we’ll provide some tips you can use to make sure that your garage door installation process runs smoothly. Read ahead to find out the best ways to prepare for your new garage door’s arrival.


Get Ready for the Inspection


After you purchase your new garage door, a technician will come to your home to inspect the installation area. They will assess everything to ensure that your new door will fit your garage perfectly. This should not take more than an hour and you’ll be notified in advance of their arrival time.


What Happens on Installation Day?


On installation day, technicians will visit you to finally install your garage door. You should make sure to mark this day on your calendar and schedule some time to be around. The technicians will need access to the inside of your garage, as well as a direct power source to install your new door.


Disposal of your old garage door is typically included in the cost of your installation. This way you won’t need to deal with such large disposal yourself.


Once the technicians have installed your garage door, they will run a series of tests on the door to make sure it’s operating correctly. They will provide you with a manual and other information regarding the operation of your new garage door. This is the point where you should ask any additional questions you might have, be it about garage door repair or maintenance.


Bonus Advice


While garage door installation is a simple process when you have experienced technicians involved, here are additional tips provided by NationServe:

  1. Clean the garage before installation – There’s nothing that slows down installation more than having objects in the way. You should make as much effort as possible to clear your garage to a reasonable degree. Ensure that nothing is close to components of your current garage door.


  1. Prepare direct electrical source – Technicians will typically need access to a direct power line during the actual installation. Ensure that this is possible prior to their arrival. It’s also recommended to avoid electrical cords. Technicians will need a direct power source to use their tools, otherwise, they won’t even be able to install your new garage door.


  1. Save the installation day on your calendar – It’s important that you’re there during the installation. Technicians will not be able to install the garage door if they don’t have access to the inside of your garage or your electrical source. You also need to be there to learn how to operate your new garage door.



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